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July 12th

Wahhabi Underground in Central Asia

By Alina Kantor

No one shall deny that exactly oil-bearing regions of the planet most frequently face the threats of terrorist organizations. Even stable states of Central Asia are involved into a deadly turnover of criminal oil money, international crime and alien ideological ideas. And here we can evidently trace the skillful arm of a puppeteer, who patiently for dozens of years has been trained new stuff for Wahhabi movement, engaging into this process criminal and the power bodies. And this all has the purpose to repeat  Benghazi scenario in the day X, to proclaim a total hunt on terrorism, in order to capture the fields reach with oil and gas eventually.  READ MORE

July 10th



Exclusive interview of the Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Linas Linkevičius READ MORE

Iranian envoy opposes Turkmen gas delivery to Turkey via Caspian Sea

By Sinem Cengiz

Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Alireza Bikdeli has opposed the idea of delivering Turkmen gas to Turkey through the Caspian Sea, adding that if Turkey wants to do serious business, it should do it with Iran. READ MORE

July 8th

Commission says EU-China energy efficiency links are ‘deepening’

Brussels and Beijing are quietly but increasingly cultivating contacts and exchanging expertise aimed at enhancing energy-saving practices in the building sector.  READ MORE

Meeting with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev

Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed topical bilateral and international issues. READ MORE

Unjustified developments of renewable energy sources: the danger to be lured into a trap (I)

By Antanas Šutas

Some of the EU Member States decided to pursue the so called nuclear phase-out policy aiming to end nuclear power generation. All this points towards an energy policy which puts renewable energy sources for electricity production into the foreground. Although Germany takes the lead role in this plan, it has already faced serious problems which have been anticipated by experts.


Istanbul hosts next round of Georgian-Russian expert talks

International Centre for Research on Conflict and Negotiation held in Istanbul the next round of Russian-Georgian negotiations. 11 experts from Georgia and Russia came together for the tenth round of negotiations. READ MORE

Lithuanian President: Spying scandal should not affect EU-US free trade talks

After discussing the Lithuanian EU presidency's priorities with her French counterpart Francois Hollande in Paris, she told BNS that media reports on the US agencies spying on EU institutions raise concern and that the EU expects explanations from Washington. READ MORE

Egyptian Army Can Choose Turkish or Algerian Path

By Omar Ashour

In September 2011, I was part of a diverse group of Egyptian activists, from liberals to Salafis, which we set up for a single purpose: To persuade all candidates running in the presidential elections to commit to keeping the military out of politics for good. READ MORE

The Political Sources Of Kyrgyzstan's Recent Unrest Featured

By Johan Engvall

Recent protests in Issyk-Kul and Jalal-Abad regions demanding the nationalization of Kumtor gold mine and the release of jailed members of parliament have demonstrated the limited ability of Kyrgyzstan’s central government to enforce law and order throughout the country. There are political sources of this social and economic instability, notably, Kyrgyzstan’s transformation to a semi-parliamentary system of government in 2010 has rooted out corrupt one-family rule but instituted a system of coalition-based corruption, where the country’s major economic, political and territorial assets are divided among political parties with a detrimental impact on their ability to govern the country. READ MORE