Nursultan Nazarbayev Suggested the World Community to Design and Adopt a Comprehensive Declaration of Nuclear-Free World

The address of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev during a morning session of the Nuclear Security Summit on the subject “National Measures to Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism and Assurance of Nuclear Material Safety”
Mr. Chairman!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of the Summit and personally the US President Barak Obama for warm hospitality and a wonderful arrangement of our meeting, as well as for leadership in historic forum.

Dear Colleagues!

Kazakhstan, which experienced all the atrocities of nuclear tests, closed Semipalatinsk nuclear test site and voluntarily refused of the fourth missile-nuclear potential in the world, is a strong supporter of global process of non-proliferation and reduction of nuclear threat in close cooperation with IAEA.

That is why, today Kazakhstan suggests the world community a number of principally important measures.

First of all, being the biggest producer of uranium and possessing the facilities to process highly-enriched uranium into low-enriched uranium, our country intends to contribute into development of peaceful nuclear energy.

With this view, Kazakhstan is ready to locate the International Nuclear Fuel Bank within its territory.

Secondly, we think it’s important to adopt international legal norms for nuclear-free areas, including negative guarantees of security for the member-states.

We stand for the establishment of new nuclear-free areas, including the territory of Near East.

Kazakhstan initiated the development of regional plan of action on enhancement of nuclear security, prevention of proliferation of nuclear materials and struggle against nuclear terrorism within the framework of Central-Asian zone. That would be sensible to spread this practice also within other regions of the world.

Thirdly, we are sure of the necessity of urgent adoption of the Fissile Material Cutt-off Treaty for military purposes.

The fourth, we call all states influencing the coming into power of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, to ratify it. We also welcome the decision of President Barak Obama to introduce the given treaty for the approval of Senate.

The situation of uncertainty and instability within the sphere of nuclear threat and nuclear terrorism prevention is reasoned by the following factors:

- lack of global trust between the states, especially in the issues of war and peace, nuclear disarmament or disarmament in general;

- there are problems within the sphere of assurance of security for storage, stock-keeping, transportation of existing nuclear armament and materials to be used for their production;

- we can observe a system weakness of interstate cooperation, especially within the issues of global security assurance;

It’s time to legalize the new format of “Nuclear Club” by including the states, de-facto possessing nuclear weapon. These countries shouldn’t find themselves on the opposite sides. This club and each of its members should undertake liabilities to act exclusively in coordination with the UNO Security Council.

And the countries having nuclear ambitions should refuse of them completely.

In exchange they should receive from the “Nuclear Club” the guarantees (approved by the Security Council) of non-use of nuclear weapon against them and guarantees of protection in case of attack. Towards the countries that would refuse of joining the process, the UNO Security Council should imply decisive measures, up to sanctions and forcing.

We have to make an expert analysis of all existing international acts in the sphere of non-proliferation and struggle against the acts of nuclear terrorism, to combine into one program-strategic document – a new universal treaty on comprehensive horizontal and vertical non-proliferation and nuclear weapon destruction. This document is called to guarantee non-implementation of “double standards” and definite mechanisms of sanctions towards its violators.

At the same time, we support a legal and indefeasible right of each NPT member-state to develop and imply peaceful nuclear energy on the ground of accomplishment of all IAEA requirements. Here there should be no monopolistic approaches and double standards.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Recently, we have observed a sound progress in the sphere of nuclear weapon non-proliferation, disarmament and security. The new US Nuclear Doctrine has been adopted. We should sincerely congratulate Presidents Barak Obama and Dmitry Medvedev on the signing of the breakthrough treaty on strategic offensive arms. This historic step should gain an overwhelming support and become a sample.

The job of nuclear armor reduction by all nuclear powers shouldn’t be interrupted until their total destruction for the sake of peace on Earth.

The discussion during this Summit gives great hopes. Our contribution into the accomplishment of the decisions of the Global Summit is the suggestion to hold in June in Astana a Conference of the Global Initiative on struggling against nuclear terrorism.

We should consider that in terms of globalization, terroristic organizations keep on establishing and operating. They use global nets of communications, and sometimes are supported by these of those state regimes on the ground of ideological similarity or simply corruption.

This allows international terrorism to create a corresponding infrastructure and concentrate financial and other resources.

In this respect, we suggest during the given Conference to discuss an issue on development of measures and mechanisms of reaction in its wide interdisciplinary and interdepartmental context, up to the establishment of a special body under the UNO aegis with the following introduction for the General Assembly review. Today it is time to start discussing the issue on prospect adoption of a Comprehensive Declaration of Nuclear-Free World.

Implementation of decision of our Summit lies in hands of state Leaders and we all carry a share of responsibility for the fissile atom wouldn’t split our world.
Translated by EuroDialogueXXI