Poland Wants to Refuse of Russian Gas Partially

Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk intends to change a gas agreement with Russia, if it turns out that the part of needs could be covered by the gas produced from shale. This was stated by Prime Minister during the interview for RadiŠ¾ Zet. According to his words, the agreement with Russia has not yet been ratified, so is it possible to make changes. However, the comments of Prime Minister can’t be accomplished, as it is impossible to estimate shale fields without extra tests. First results of drilling, starting in June, will be known only in a few months. And final results will be received only in two-three years. Experts note that the gas agreement with Russia will have to be signed in autumn.

Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak considers that at least “odd the kind of statements of the Head of the Government”.

“The agreement has been already initialed, and if Prime Minister wants to change it, then he should address the Government instead of addressing Mass Media. Pawlak himself considers important the signing of the agreement with Russia, but the European Commission demands from Poland the explanations on this agreement, that increases gas supplies to Poland and prolongs them till 2037.

In March of 2010 Waldemar Pawlak claimed that “someone in Polish Administration blocks the signing of the gas agreement with Russia". In the list of people who could be involved into blockingthis contract, Pawlak named Prime Minister Donald Tusk. According to the legislation, the decision on terms of signing of the agreement with Russia depends of Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry. Earlier they have reached an agreement that the Governments of the two states will sign the agreement in the middle of March.

In January 2010 Russian company “Gazprom” and Polish PGNiG signed an agreement on cooperation which anticipates the prolongation till 2045 of the contract on gas transportation to the states of Western Europe through Polish territory by the gas pipeline Yamal-Europe.

They have finalized the conditions of the new contract till 2037 on Russian gas supplies to Poland. According to the agreement, “Gazprom” obliged to supply to Poland up to 11 billions cubic meters annually. The issue of “Gazprom’s” debt was also solved. The company won’t pay the debt for the previous transit through Poland, however, for this Warsaw was given the right to buy fuel at lower price than the established one.


Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from RadiŠ¾ Zet