Russia Not to Review Gas Contracts with Belarus, Shmatko

Gas agreements between Russia and Ukraine will not be the reason for reviewing similar contracts with Russia's partners, including Belarus and other CIS countries. This statement was made on April 22 by the head of Russian Ministry of Energy, Sergei Shmatko. "Our negotiations with Ukraine are completed successfully and I don't think they will cause the review of relations with other partners", Russian minister said.

According to Sergei Shmatko, Russia "is not going to review the practice of its relations with other states, and respond to such requests", RIA Novosti informs.

Energy Minister stated that Russia will build its future relationships, basing on national interests and commercial reasonability. "At the certain time, there were accumulated a large number of issues on Ukraine, they are settled now", Sergei Shmatko said. "Now, the issues of a guaranteed gas transit through Ukraine and cooperation in the energy sector are comprehensive".

Russian minister expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the current level of negotiations with new Ukraine's leadership gives Russia a chance to believe that the two countries are "on a good way of forming long-term strategic partnership in energy sphere".

As media previously reported, on April 21, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Dmitri Medvedev and Viktor Yanukovych, agreed to extend the term of stay of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea for 25 years. To response to this move of the Ukrainian side, Russia promised discounts on gas at about 30% for Ukraine.
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