Piotr Topychkanov: “The Threat of Gaining Nuclear Weapon by Saudi Arabia is Pretty Real, and Pakistan May Assist”

The declaration of the Prince of Saudi Arabia Turki Al Faisal about that Riyadh is able to start development of nuclear weapon pretty corresponds with the potential of this country. The case is that in due time Saudi Arabia provided financial aid within gaining of nuclear bomb by Pakistan. And, probably, with the contribution of Saudi Arabia a market for nuclear technologies and probably materials sale established around Pakistan. That is why considering close cooperation of the two states in this sphere, it wouldn’t be hard for Saudi Arabia to create nuclear bomb in short terms. The same is about carriers. READ MORE

The Syria Crisis: Assessing Foreign Intervention


By Scott Stewart

The ongoing unrest, violence and security crackdowns in Syria have been the subject of major international attention since February. Our current assessment is that the government and opposition forces have reached a stalemate in which the government cannot quell the unrest and the opposition cannot bring down the regime without outside intervention. READ MORE

NATO Foreign Ministers to discuss operations, partnerships and Chicago summit


The foreign ministers of NATO Allies and partner countries will meet in Brussels on 7 and 8 December to discuss current operations, the Alliance’s relationship with its partners, and preparations for the NATO summit in Chicago on 20-21 May 2012. READ MORE

New Initiative of Nazarbayev “G Global Project”

I would like to address the World Community

In the very beginning of 2009 in the heat of the crisis, I came forward with an initiative of a world financial reform

In the articles “Key from Crisis” and “The Fifth Way” I said that cosmetic anti-crisis measures shall not save the world from new growing waves of crisis.

The course of events has proved these words.

Yet no one has managed to suggest global anti-crisis plan that would be adopted on consensus basis.

Unfortunately, the formats G20 and G8 demonstrate to be inefficient, they haven’t even get to discuss the world Anti-crisis Plan.

The Covert Intelligence War Against Iran


By Scott Stewart

There has been a lot of talk in the press lately about a “cold war” being waged by the United States, Israel and other U.S. allies against Iran. Such a struggle is certainly taking place, but in order to place recent developments in perspective, it is important to recognize that the covert intelligence war against Iran (and the Iranian response to this war) is clearly not a new phenomenon. READ MORE

Are Russia and Europe Ready for a New Pacific World Order?


By Maksym Khylko

The U.S. intensify the process of New Pacific World Order shaping, where Europe and Russia are not considered to be key players. Are Russia and Europe ready to assert their rights to leading roles in the future world order? READ MORE

Russia Threatens to Kill NATO War in Afghanistan


By Alex Newman

Following the Pakistani government’s recent decision to shut down NATO supply lines into Afghanistan indefinitely, Russian officials upped the ante by subtly threatening to close off northern routes for the occupation if the U.S.-led military alliance refuses to back down on a proposed missile defense system in Europe. According to analysts, such a move by Russia at this point would either spark a new war or force a rapid withdrawal of supply-starved Western forces from the region. READ MORE

Uzbekistan’s Karimov Lashes Out at Putin’s Union

By David Trilling

In October, when Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared his goal of establishing a Eurasian Union, scorned by some as a “Soviet Union-lite,” the more sycophantic among post-Soviet leaders jumped over each other to sign up. READ MORE

The Polish-German Tandem

By Andrzej Turkowski

On November 8, the Polish and German foreign ministers, Radoslaw Sikorski and Guido Westerwelle, issued a joint letter to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and representatives of other member states calling on the EU to revamp its relationship with Russia. While hard to imagine just a few years ago, the joint penning of the letter represents a milestone in the two countries’ common policy toward Moscow. READ MORE

Analysts say Russia could deliver deathblow to Nato


With the Russian threat to cut land routes for supply to Nato troops in Afghanistan, the Afghan battleground may turn into a cold deathtrap for Nato, defence analysts believe. They say that Pakistan should utilise the opportunity for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan by pulling it out of the American war. READ MORE