Nuclear safety is a common goal for Lithuania and Kazakhstan


President Dalia Grybauskaitė, currently on her first official visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed nuclear safety issues - significant for both countries - and agreed to work together on the international arena for more effective measures aimed at ensuring the safety of nuclear facilities. READ MORE

Sino-Russian Relations: Renewal or Decay of a Strategic Partnership?


By Jingdong Yuan

Sino-Russian relations appear to be picking up the tempo with frequent high-level visits taking place in recent months. Last week, the top Chinese military officer, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Gen. Guo Boxiong, met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and top Russian military brass in Moscow. READ MORE

Vladimir Putin's plan to create a Eurasian Union is about reclaiming the Russian Empire


By Andrew Osborn

Vladimir Putin is on a roll. Last month, he revealed he was all set to return to the Russian presidency next year, possibly for as long as twelve years. READ MORE

Linkevičius: Challenges of NATO are Greater, the Contribution of Europe - Smaller

«Recently in the EU they have claimed  that we can do more with less money. This sounds nice from poetic point of view. From political  - maybe, also nice. But it doesn’t seem nice to those who should do that”, - states former Ambassador to NATO, and now – Advisor of the Prime Minister on the issues of defense and security Linas Linkevičius. READ MORE

US finds new friend in Uzbekistan after Pakistan fallout

By Rob Crilly, Islamabad and James Kilner in Astana

President Obama has asked Uzbekistan to expand its role in resupplying troops in Afghanistan as Washington tries to reduce its dependence on Pakistan. READ MORE

Debating Missile Defence


By John Warden & He Yun

China sees US missile defence plans as a threat, while the US worries about Chinese ballistic missiles. Who's right to be worried? READ MORE

NATO Secretary General announces Chicago summit dates


NATO’s forthcoming summit in Chicago will take place on May 20-21, 2012, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced during a visit to the United States. READ MORE

Growing Afghanistan Doubts

By Mark Thompson

Concern inside the U.S. military that Afghanistan is not going to end well is heating up. It's always been simmering, but now seems to be coming to a slow boil. Lately, at least in private conversations with officers up and down the chain, the concerns are becoming louder. READ MORE

From criminal schemes to political conjunctivitis

By Mark Zaguda

Theoretical physicist, political loser - Mukhtar Ablyazov a fugitive oligarch has chosen a new tactic of confrontation with Kazakh authorities. READ MORE

Solidarity in the ongoing struggle “for” elimination of terrorism

By Keith Moon

All anti-terrorist organizations primarily fight against the most unpredictable and dangerous threat to peaceful existence. Terrorism is not just a hazardous act; the very possibility of its rise is perilous. READ MORE