"Snub" just a snag in Russia-India ties

By Sudha Ramachandran

India's defense relations with Russia have hit a bit of rough weather with Moscow canceling two important bilateral military exercises in recent months. READ MORE

Auditor: Turkmen gas field is world's 2nd largest

By Peter Leonard

The isolated former Soviet nation of Turkmenistan is likely sitting on top of the world's second-largest gas field, British energy auditor Gaffney, Cline & Associates said Wednesday. READ MORE

As China Invests, Many Kazakhs Say: Not Too Fast

By David Greene

As China grows in power and influence, few countries are feeling the effects more than neighboring Kazakhstan. READ MORE

Russia frets over Eurasian domino theory

By Yong Kwon

Post-Soviet Russia has been consistently perceived as anti-American. Despite several shifts in Moscow's foreign policy during the past two decades, the Kremlin's opposition to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations in former Yugoslav republics, its war with Georgia and the recent protest against military action in Libya have all been attributed to Russia's designs to leverage its influence against the West. READ MORE

What Russia Fears in Asia

Despite its growing military and economic power, Russia doesn't see China as a threat. The potential chaos in Central Asia is another matter. READ MORE

NATO Promotes Dialogue and Cooperation in Central Asia

By Arthur Dunn

On June 10th the Kyrgyz Parliament ratified a Treaty in accordance with which the NATO Central Asia Office shall move to Kyrgyzstan. READ MORE

A Chinese Game

By Tai Adelaja

Russia and China Set Aside Their Differences in Pursuit of Greater Economic Goals. READ MORE

Russia Pressures Kazakhstan’s Ties With Georgia

By Farkhad Sharip

Kazakhstan is increasingly uncomfortable within the Customs Union with Belarus and Russia due to the constant attempts by the Kremlin to politicize the structure originally intended to boost trade relations and ensure free movement of citizens, goods and capital within the union. Recently, Grigoriy Onishenko the head of the Russian sanitary and epidemiology service, urged Kazakhstan to ban the imports of wine and non-alcoholic drinks from Georgia. Clumsily trying to substantiate his statement Onishenko said Georgian wines did not conform to quality standards and the ban was necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Customs Union. READ MORE

The CSTO Seeks Stronger Security Arrangements

By Sergei Blagov

The Russian-led security alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, has pledged to face security challenges in Central Asia by boosting military cooperation. READ MORE

Pakistan and China very close after 60 years

By Sarah Berning

Pakistan and China are celebrating 60 years of close diplomatic relations. While economic ties are growing, experts agree the Pak-China is a friendship based more on strategic purposes than on business. READ MORE