“Astana Heritage” Shall not Be Forgotten

Initiatives of Kazakhstani Chairmanship shall Gain Development within Further Work of the OSCE and Other International Organizations. READ MORE

The Realist Prism: Bin Laden's Death Leaves Russia With Strategic Void

By Nikolas Gvosdev

Much has been written about the potential impact that the demise of Osama bin Laden and the possible disintegration of al-Qaida will have on U.S. foreign policy, beginning with the question of whether this will trigger a more rapid disengagement from Afghanistan. But bin Laden's death could also change the foreign policy calculus of other states, notably Russia, which for the past 10 years has promulgated its own version of the global war on terror as a central organizing principle for international affairs. READ MORE

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Prospects

By Arthur Dunn

This year the Shanghai Cooperation Organization celebrates the 10th anniversary from the date of its establishment.  The oncoming anniversary is a good reason to assess the solvency of this regional project and alleged scenarios of its development. READ MORE

Pakistani president to attend SCO summit

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari will attend the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to be held at Astana in Kazakhstan on June 15, according to an official announced Thursday. READ MORE

Russia Flirted as China Flexed, Documents Show

By Yoree Koh

China’s growing military might compelled Japan and Russia, long at odds over a territorial feud, to take a brief time out from their longstanding tiff in 2007 and take on a more cooperative view towards one another, according to a U.S. diplomatic cable released on Tuesday on the WikiLeaks website. READ MORE

Russia snubs India; cancels navy, army war games

Russia has snubbed India in the recent months by cancelling two important bilateral war games, usually held under a well-established arrangement, a senior official said on Monday. The move has raised eyebrows in the Indian defence establishment. READ MORE

Saudabayev: Kazakhstan ready to host IAEA int'l nuclear fuel bank

Kazakhstan is prepared to host an international nuclear fuel bank under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) once such a facility is set up, the country's Secretary of State Kanat Saudabayev said at an international conference in London last Saturday. READ MORE

Littoral States Struggle to Agree on the Caspian Settlement

By Sergei Blagov

The Caspian nations have reiterated pledges to solve their differences later this year ahead of the Caspian summit in Moscow, but they apparently continued to disagree on a number of key issues. During a meeting in Baku on April 26 – 27, representatives of the five countries that border the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia and Turkmenistan) made yet another attempt to reach an agreement on the Caspian’s division. READ MORE

China-Uzbekistan: Gas diplomacy

By Isabel Gorst

China has taken another step to loosen Russia’s stranglehold on central Asian gas supplies after winning an offer from Uzbekistan to double the amount of gas it has promised to supply. READ MORE

Locusts: looming in central Asia

By Isabel Gorst

The fear of locusts has haunted farmers since biblical times and intensifies when agricultural markets are tight and food prices are rising. At times like these the last thing anyone needs is a swarm of predatory insects devouring all plant life in its path. READ MORE