India and NATO: size no problem

By Michael Rühle

Take the biggest political-military alliance in history, protecting over 900 million people. And then take the world's second biggest country, whose population has just moved past the 1 billion mark. How could these two giants work together? READ MORE

Chinese Vector

By Arthur Dunn

Another Summit of BRICS held in China and the oncoming anniversary Summit of the SCO to be held in Kazakhstan once again should remind everyone about intensively growing role of the Tianxia in the world. Modern China today dominates within the frameworks of these two international Forums. READ MORE

From BRIC to BRICS - emerging markets meet in China

By Jutta Wasserrab

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China are meeting in Sanya, South China, for the BRIC summit on Thursday. South Africa is also attending this meeting as it has been invited to join the emerging markets' group. READ MORE

Russia within Integrational Processe

By Daniil Rozanov

The emergence of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus has incited concern of the European Union. Within the EU program “Eastern Partnership” they declared about the establishment of free trade area with the EU, which may negatively influence the functioning of the CU and Common Economic Space (CES) establishment. READ MORE

What's Behind Kyrgyzstan's U.S. and Russian Counterterror Training Centers?

By Joshua Kucera

A couple of weeks ago, Kyrgyzstan's president, Roza Otunbayeva, announced that the country was planning to construct two counterterror training centers in the southern part of the country, and that one would be built by Russia and the other by the U.S. Her announcement raised a lot of questions, which I posed to Alisher Khamidov, a EurasiaNet contributor and expert on southern Kyrgyzstan. He said that fears of Islamist militants from Tajikistan as well as the military of Uzbekistan are motivating Kyrgyzstan to develop the centers, and that Otunbayeva puts a higher priority on the U.S. center than on the Russian one. READ MORE

Viennese dream of kazakh opposition

By Dinara Asanova

Speaking about kazakh opposition, it is right to say: “there are no already other people, another are far away”. Following the tradition we'll talk about those who are far away. Among those, who are far away, perhaps the most prominent representative is Rahat Aliyev. READ MORE

Medvedev to push Russia's Asian integration at China conference

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will attend the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference in China where he will address Russia's economic integration into the Asia Pacific region, a presidential aide said on Tuesday. READ MORE

China cracks down on dissent

Events in the Middle East are reverberating throughout the world, but no government is as committed to squashing domestic protests as is the leadership in Beijing. The government there has begun a crackdown against liberal voices in China. This seems to be a systematic effort that includes control of communications, beefing up internal security, arrest and prosecution of progressives, and even extralegal mechanisms. READ MORE

Conflict of interests has created water crisis

A modern intensive economic development of Central Asian countries, and particularly development of relatively dry zone, creates prerequisites for water resources to become a tool for political pressure. READ MORE

All Level Victory

By Dinara Asanova

Snap elections of the President in Kazakhstan ended with firm victory of the current Head of the state Nursultan Nazarbayev. This may have various estimations and viewpoints. But there is the fact – the election campaign was of pure virtuosity. READ MORE