The country is in mourning - but Ablyazov rejoices – this is his wonderful opportunity for personal PR

By Alina Kantor

There is a certain type of politics - I call them homo-abscessus (translated from Latin - the man-abscess), which form their own political baggage exclusively on black news. And in the absence of those make every effort for the black news to come.

Today I would like to speak about Kazakhstan in this sense. Why is it about this country? Well, firstly I was there and saw that one of the former Soviet republics is developing dynamically and remains one of the last islands of stability in troubled Asia.

Secondly, this country is rich for mineral resources, which in itself attracts attention.

And thirdly, there are some forces that for the last few years persist in trying to undermine stability. Naturally, this happens not without the participation of this homo-abscessus. This kind of political activity in Kazakhstan is associated primarily with Mukhtar Ablyazov.

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The politician which is not spoiled by the attention of the authorities, who held prominent positions in the state hierarchy, at the head of "BTA" - one of the leading banks in the republic was caught stealing, fled the country and started a stormy political activity.

It can be divided into several stages. Initially, Ablyazov chosen tactics to undermine the image of people in the entourage of the President. Then, increasing his appetite, he extended his caustic criticism to all without exception.

On the third key stage the oligarch moved from information war to practical action. Zhanaozen - in this sense, is the training ground on which politician continued to work out his ability to influence the minds of people using modern political technologies.

Labor conflict by the efforts of Ablyazov’s emissary became a well-thought-out and implement provocation. And when Kazakhstan was shocked by the incident, opposition politician gleefully rubbed his hands – he did it!

The masses were destabilized by warming up the revolutionary sentiments with the help of the Trotskyist organization, which headquarter is located in London.

By the way, the pickets organized in front of the Kazakhstan Embassies in different countries to support those strikers was also their merit.

According to Kazakhstan's security services there were some other major labor groups outside Zhanaozen that must have been exploded. Including, ones located in the immediate vicinity of the capital. But the government of Kazakhstan, having learned the lessons from the unfortunate events in the west of the country, resolved issues in a preventive mode.

Special Forces have prevented a series of terrorist attacks ala Ablyazov, which were planned in the largest and most politically active city of Kazakhstan - Alma-Ata. The preparation of explosions were involved by his authorized representative Muratbek Ketebaev and chief bodyguard Alexander Pavlov. The evidence of their guilt will be considered by the court studying a copy of Skype-negotiations and other "material evidences".

Today, however, Ablyazov has no opportunity to influence the internal political processes in Kazakhstan. His roof in the UK sprung a leak. He was wanted by the High Court in London, to clap in jail.

Financial assets are blocked, which prevents an active sponsor of a non-system opposition.

Only in the media field, Mr. Ablyazov tries to maintain the reputation of bitter opposition leader. He has no opportunity to make black news, but if that happens, Mr. Oligarch is here as here.

Of course, the events happened on the Kazakh-Chinese border were not left unnoticed - the death of border guards on the gate "Arkankergen" shocked the whole Kazakhstani society.

On his page in the «Facebook» the politician encouraged the public to fight for the freedom of the chief suspect in the case, as if they had to fight for their own sons.

Oligarch-controlled media outlets accused authorities of violating the presumption of innocence, even though the suspect was not called as criminal by anyone. But Ablyazov took over the functions of the Supreme Court, however - the role of Lord God, claiming that he knows the world’s absolute truth. Here is an excerpt from his one quote, where the oligarch chokes in his own emotions: "Once again, there is a new representative of the prosecutor's office and he begins to lie to our faces! We cannot stand it any longer! There is nothing to do with a regime... Now it’s set to our children."

As you can see, now when Ablyazov is unable to conduct an active policy of subversion, he is ready to use any information occasion just to remind himself. As they say in Russia, to some war is hell, to others, a kindly mother.

Just to sow doubt, undermine the stability, just to cause fermentation of minds, by fueling protest moods with rumors and speculation. Now he has less information causes for address to Kazakhstani society.

The situation in the country is stable, the crisis is not observed, and calls to the barricades are dissolved in the social welfare.

But the children are the eternal theme - and Ablyazov thought that he must somehow cling to the events on the frontier. Politics, mixed with blood - that's what it's called.

Ablyazov is not a judge or the Lord God, he is an ordinary fugitive criminal who is ready to convert any misfortunes in the homeland into political dividends. The country is in mourning – but he rejoices – this is his wonderful opportunity for personal PR.



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