EU to support delimitation of borders in Ferghana Valley

The European Union will support the delimitation of borders in the Ferghana Valley, which is located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, CA-News was told in the EU mission in Dushanbe on Monday.

"The European Union began to develop a new project, which will provide technical assistance to the process of delimitation f borders in the Ferghana Valley," said the EU mission.

Intra-EU Scientific Institution Joint Research Centre (JRC), which will be responsible for implementing the project, presented plan upcoming events and the expected technical assistance recently in Dushanbe. Disscussion of the project with the Kyrgyz authorities will be held on February 27-28 in Bishkek.

"The EU project will provide each participating country with satellite imagery of border areas. They will be given the photogrammetric and computer equipment free of charge, including the necessary software for image processing of remote sensing," said the mission.

As part of the project, local experts will be trained in the management of equipment and software. The EU will provide free geodesic navigation equipment (receivers of the global positioning system) to determine the exact coordinates and heights of the border areas.

"The data and equipment may be used at meetings of bilateral commissions for delimitation and demarcation of borders, and border control departments in the region," said the mission.

The expected duration of the project is 18 months, with an estimated budget for a total of EUR 1 million 312.5 thousand.

"The EU stands ready to provide such bilateral aid to other interested countries in the region,too," added the EU mission in Dushanbe.
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