Instead of establishing a dialogue

Journalism is not accidentally called the second oldest profession. Introduction to the so called creative work of some representatives of the creative department causes a strong feeling that all the readers are held for rednecks that do not understand anything. With the certain didactic tone of a press gang at times they write about the events, which either they do not understand, or still taking into account their professionalism, they intentionally and most likely not gratuitously distort the truth.

For such thoughts I was prompted by the article of independent journalist from the UK Joanna Lillis, who specializes allegedly on Central Asian affairs. The material is devoted to Kazakhstan, where there is a trial of the leaders of the opposition in relation to the events in Zhanaozen.

For more information, I note that last year the riots started on the oil-rich western Kazakhstan. The conflict in Zhanaozen, which grew out of the strike of oil workers into open disobedience of power, clash with police, looting and pillaging, and turned this very prosperous city into a hot spot on the map of the country. During the confrontation the police had to open a fire — 15 people were killed.

Kazakh authorities strictly solved the situation. There were punished not only the instigators of the riots, but the policemen, which had exceeded their authority, management of the oil company that had allowed the possibility of conflict, local government — all of them were brought to justice.

Proceedings on individual personalities are still going. In particular, there is a trial against Vladimir Kozlov, who is widely known in narrow circles as oppositionist. The publication of this journalist is dedicated to the protection of Kozlov. But she acted not as a competent court observer. Instead of objective, balanced monitoring of the trial, which, by the way, is open, instead of learning the facts as she was a «counsel» to Kozlov, instead of protecting him reasonably, based on logic and common sense to defend his position — Joanna Lillis arranged real hysteria in her publications.

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«... The government of the Republic draws the line between the legitimate realization of the right to political action and criminal acts by citizens...» — the author writes. Which action does she mean? That one which happened in Zhanaozen? So, looting and virtually destroying the city during the riots — it’s not a crime. And armed rebels — it’s probably a peaceful march? Maybe a political action according to J.Lillis is a provocative activity of Kozlov?

Then recall what it was. It all started with decorum and noble. Oil workers demanding salary increasing (besides one of the highest in Kazakhstan — by author), met Kozlov and company who are supporting them wholeheartedly. They offered a help. But actually this help made only a disservice. Instead of establishing a dialogue, seeking a compromise or pleading with «conscienceless» employer, Kozlov and his party «Alga» actually launched a revolutionary activity. Nobody thought about dialogue, instead there were calls to resist the entreaties, and there was promised an aid from abroad. In the end, all the efforts of Kozlov and his company resulted in the bloody events known to all..

As a consequence, the oppositionist is charged with inciting social hatred, organizing a criminal group, and calling for the overthrow of the constitutional order.

«... This process raises questions about freedom of speech in Kazakhstan ...» - continues Mrs. Lillis in her chaotic concoctions. Freedom of speech, you say? So, where did you see the violation? In fact Kozlov was not allowed to speak whatever he wants, and he is even judged for it? But then let us try it in London, by screaming at all intersections: Down with the Queen and see what would happen...

«... The authorities say that they value the legitimate opposition, at the same time stating that Kozlov and other defendants intended to make riots. In the words of the critics, the government manipulates the law to suppress legitimate dissent ... »- J.Lillis continues to angrily denounce Kazakhstan. And this fact, frankly saying, can make me doubt the professionalism of this journalist.

Firstly, the party headed by Kozlov cannot be considered legitimate. Even in its title the party participants say directly that the party is not registered. This is the fact that they flaunt before the world public: that’s how the authorities are afraid of us; that is a kind of democracy in Kazakhstan. The image of the victim, then what is more needed to earn the love of the states where the fight for human rights often turns into a kind of social paranoia?

If only Mrs. Lillis took an interest in this case and found out why the party of Kozlov was not registered, it would give her an amazing surprise. Let’s fill this gap in knowledge of the journalist specializing on Central Asia. The documents for registration of the party were filed in late 2009. But in the course of inspection it was found that its membership included dead people, or people who were not even aware of what honor was given for them. Overall, it was not a list, but only dead souls. State registration period was interrupted with the ability to recover from the moment of elimination of violations. And then, you know, a bad example is contagious. So you open the phone book — enlist the people to the party of ekibany lovers in the alphabetical order — and now you are a leader. If you were denied in registration — then you are the leader of the opposition.

By the way, Kozlov is called just this way — an opposition leader. At the same time, among the dissenters in Kazakhstan there are more serious politicians and parties they have are not virtual. And they are not judged for Zhanaozen... Apparently, it happens because any normal citizen, regardless of political affiliation or belief, will not rock the situation in his country, preferring the path of dialogue.

It is clear that Kozlov is just a puppet fugitive of Ablyazov, who is sought by policemen not only in Kazakhstan but also in the UK. That’s who do not need the stability. To repatriate the fugitive oligarch must displace the current government, and that is unlikely to happen...

Also J.Lillis misunderstood other specific nuances of Kazakhstan. For example, she really says that the hearing in the trial was held in the Kazakh language, which Kozlov does not understand and this put him at a disadvantage. Complete nonsense. In Kazakhstan, the court in the choice of the language is focused on defendant. And in this case, the Kazakh language is used only where there is a questioning of witnesses or defendants that prefer to communicate in national language. Since we are talking about the western region, where the population almost entirely consists of Kazakh, naturally, there was a need of the services of the translator. Paraphrasing Mrs. J.Lillis let us say this: «indigenous inhabitants infringe the constitutional rights of Kozlov, by the fact that they do not speak Russian.» So what it turns out, Mrs. Lillis?

Of course, this is not the only attempt to demonize the government of Kazakhstan and canonize disgraced opposition. Press, fueled by various NGOs, human rights organizations is full of reports about the national hero Kozlov. We should be careful with his name; by putting a comma not in a right place we can dramatically change the meaning of the whole text. For example, it was one report of a demonstration in support of the opposition. Article called "For you, Kozlov!"("For you, goats«). Honestly I would be very hurt if I were a voter...!

The non-systemic opposition failed in writing icon from Mr. Kozlov, who became a «scapegoat», as involuntarily pun Lillis. Not that figure. You can show off the public abroad, but the local population is well aware of who is who in Kazakhstan. They know Ablyazov that plundered BTA Bank — one of the systemically important financial institutions of the country. They know the relationships between him and Mr.Kozlov. They understand how Mr.Kozlov — unemployed oppositionist owned 14 apartments in all regional centers, the mansion in the prestigious area of Almaty, 3 expensive cars and others.

From the first days of cooperation with Ablyazov Kozlov on the orders of his leader has taken an active part in trying to «swing» problem issues. Human rights activist allegedly acted in the name of the commons, using the money stolen from the same commons. Finally he reached Zhanaozen. And as though Mrs. Lillis is trying to whitewash Kozlov, political shows are centered around this odious figures, Kazakhstanis know all those who have contributed to the national tragedy...
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