From Geopolitical Point of View, Kazakhstan is Very Important and Lithuania is Ready to be its Worthy Partner – interview of the President of the Lithuanian Republic Dalia Grybauskaite

From Geopolitical Point of View Kazakhstan is Very Important, and Lithuania is Ready to Become its Worthy Partner. This was declared by the President of the Lithuanian Republic Dalia Grybauskaite during an exclusive interview to the official web-site of the President www.akorda.kz and Agency “Khabar”.


Kazinform publishes the interview provided by the Press-service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


- Mrs. President, the Chairmanship of Lithuania at the OSCE is getting to its end. Last year Kazakhstan also chaired the OSCE. Has the experience of Kazakhstani chairmanship helped your country? Has the Astana Declaration become an impulse for the OSCE development?


- Naturally, the December Summit in Astana became a great step forward in the development of the Organization. This revealed that all 56 states are not able to sit by one table and talk. This was very important, and I congratulate Kazakhstan with this achievement. Moreover, that General Declaration was adopted, and this is very difficult - to come to agreement with 56 states. And this of course has helped Lithuania. And we also try to assist those states willing to get assistance. Positive movement we observe in the resolution of Moldovan situation and we do our utmost in this direction. We really hope that in December in Vilnius we shall also meet Kazakhstani representatives.


- What is the level of the relations between our countries today? What are our contact points?


- We have always had, still have and will have common contact points. First of all, Kazakh people, as well as Lithuanians have historic relations and respect to each other. We have never had historic, political problems. In Kazakhstan there are our cardio surgeons, architects working, Lithuanian business presents. This is really good. The fact that tomorrow for the first time in 20 years we shall establish a business council, also another expressive indicator is that the prospects of economic relations are very good. The fact that with the help of your President we shall be able to launch the train “Saule” between Klaipeda and Almaty, and then between West Europe and China, where Kazakhstan and Lithuania shall play an extremely significant role, and this shall be a geopolitical change in the world railway transport system. I hope that we will be able to name ourselves as one of the participants of such development. I really hope that Kazakhstan shall further play a significant role in the Customs Union within unification of West and China. Your country is very important from geopolitical point of view. As today the President of Kazakhstan has said, Lithuania is one of the most significant partners of your country, and we are ready to be worthy partners and promote mutually beneficial relations.


- It has been your second time you visit Kazakhstan as the President of Lithuania. What are your impressions about the people of Kazakhstan, the capital of the country?


- I respect all peoples very much, who want to be independent, all peoples who respect their history, respect their nations, languages and culture. The thing your President does is the establishment of the nation, of capital, rehabilitation of the nation – this is really good and significant. I’m very glad that your people develop this fast. Your capital is so beautiful. I’m sure that people willing to be a nation or people, will always have future.


- This year Kazakhstan celebrates its 20th anniversary of its Independence. Lithuania celebrated its anniversary last year. How do you assess this period from the very beginning of gaining independence of the both states?


- I evaluate this period as the chance of each people to become independent and carry responsibility only for themselves. Lithuania has already gained such chance as well as Kazakhstan has. And for 20 years we’ve done a lot, for 20 years we’ve held such reforms, which old democracies did 50 years. I can only feel joy and congratulate our people on that we have managed to take everything under control and defend ourselves. On behalf of Lithuanian people I would like to congratulate the people of Kazakhstan on the 20th anniversary of Independence. Independence is essential for each people. This is future. It’s extremely important that 20 years ago your people managed to gain control over destiny. You have gone a long and very important way. You create your own future, everything is in your hands. I’m sure that independent people shall always have future.



Translated by EuroDialogueXXI from www.inform.kz