Nazarbayev has once again called upon to reform the world monetary system

In China, held the 12th session of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA).


In his speech, the President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev noted that the main focus in Asia production potential, here is the center of economic activity, which sets the tone for global markets. The next step, according to him will be to transform the continent as a key source of ideas and models of development. "This will form the international agenda, not only in economics but also in many other areas," - said Nazarbayev.


The President of Kazakhstan said, the choice of development paths Asian countries need to take into account the positions of all the states. In May 2012, Kazakhstan proposed the idea of ​​creating the site G-Global, and as G8, G20, and not offered the world a new architecture for further economic development. "This is our initiative to support systematic dialogue to find ways of overcoming the global crisis, which now involves 140 countries around the world," - said the President.


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Nazarbayev also noted the need to step through the transition to an adequate and efficient financial architecture. The development of international trade and investment requires strict coordination of financial and monetary policy around the world. "This helps to minimize the risks to join forces to work in a preventative mode. Many experts support the idea of ​​reforming the international financial architecture, in particular, the global monetary system, which proved to be especially flawed at the time of the last crisis," - said Nazarbayev.


According to the President of Kazakhstan, Eurasia is well placed to occupy a central place in the global coordinate system, as there is made more than 50 percent of global output and two thirds of the population.


The evolutionary path of development has high requirements for investment in science and education.


Need to intensify cooperation in science, research and innovation work. To do this, it is advisable to develop the Asian Programme of Action on the development of innovative cooperation between our countries, "- said Nazarbayev.


He also noted the need for increased cooperation among Asian countries in the field of transport and logistics, energy, particularly in the area of ​​"green" technologies, as well as in the field of agricultural cooperation, and the cooperation in making food development programs, establishing agricultural research linkages.


BAF participants were presidents of Zambia, Mexico, Myanmar, Peru, Spain, the Sultan of Brunei, the heads of the governments of Australia, Cambodia, New Zealand, the President of the Parliament of the Nation of Algeria, as well as representatives of the UN General Assembly and the International Monetary Fund.


The parties are discussing plans to promote regional economic integration and common development of Asian countries. In his welcoming remarks, the leader Xi Jinping said that Asia has great potential, however, for its full disclosure requires cooperation with other continents. He recalled that the total contribution of Asian countries in the global economic recovery is more than 50 percent of the world total.


Xi pointed out four main directions of development of the Asian world. This is the reform and innovation in the economy, the preservation of peace and stability, the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries, as well as openness and tolerance.


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