New Initiative of Nazarbayev “G Global Project”

I would like to address the World Community

In the very beginning of 2009 in the heat of the crisis, I came forward with an initiative of a world financial reform

In the articles “Key from Crisis” and “The Fifth Way” I said that cosmetic anti-crisis measures shall not save the world from new growing waves of crisis.

The course of events has proved these words.

Yet no one has managed to suggest global anti-crisis plan that would be adopted on consensus basis.

Unfortunately, the formats G20 and G8 demonstrate to be inefficient, they haven’t even get to discuss the world Anti-crisis Plan.

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I suggest extending radically the number of participants searching anti-crisis solutions for the world. I suggest calling the new communicative ground “G Global Project”.

It may exist as electronic network Bretton Woods.

Working base can be Astana Economic Forum.

Kazakhstan together with the states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation puts forward the initiative of holding a World Anti-crisis Conference in 2012.

All the states of the world may participate in it and together develop a Plan of World Reforms that would become the UNO Anti-crisis Plan.

I address with this initiative exactly from the tribune of the 20th anniversary of Independence as our sovereign state for these years has become a reliable partner of the international community."...

An extract from the speech of N.Nazarbayev during the solemn assembly.
Putin about the Role of Nazarbayev

In November in Moscow the Presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Lukashenko and Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a Declaration on Eurasian Economic Integration – “road map” of integrational process, the final objective of which is proclaimed to be the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The idea of the Eurasian Union (EAU) was suggested in 1994 by the President of Kazakhstan. In the beginning of October 2011 in his article for “Izvestija” Putin wrote that the foundation for the establishment of the Eurasian Union shall be the Customs Union and Common Economic Area developing by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

“We haven’t yet reached the kind of integration level (as of the EU), but we are talking about the opportunity in future, after the launch of common economic space, to start the formation of the Eurasian Union. I think that to some extent, in the result of negotiation process and achievement of compromise, we, naturally, shall come to this.

I hope that this shall be common currency, and agreement on macro-economic politics” – said Putin answering the questions of Russian people in the air of the show “A Talk with Vladimir Putin. Continuation”.

According to Putin, “in general we have serious progress: the Customs Union and Common Economic Space -  these integrational unions are of higher class, absolutely another level, depth”.

“This is real integration with the option to give a part of functions to the supranational body. This is extremely important. This is not a revival of the Soviet Union, this is a complete maintenance of independence of these states, political independence, but with the goal to improve our competitive ability in world economy, to give a new impulse for development, assure higher level of living for our citizens, and we naturally follow and will follow this way further”, - said Putin.
According to him “this is a complicated process of achieving compromises in course of negotiation process, and it’s very important that Lukashenko and Nazarbayev, who is the main engine, support and accomplish this idea”.

Nazarbayev considers that the Eurasian Union is “the megaproject that is comparable with complicated challenges of present and past”. “It has all chances to become an integral part of new international architecture, formation of which has started under the influence of the most powerful in history global financial-economic crisis.  For this all the participants of Eurasian integration should possess a clear and definite strategy of actions”, - writes the President of Kazakhstan.

Nazarbayev also thinks that the Eurasian Union should initially be established as competitive global economic union. “We can’t be satisfied either with a narrow prospect to be an aggregate of states, developing only on the principles “overtaking modernization”, or the fate forever to remain a peripheral exporter of natural resources for the rest of the world”, - he notes.
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