Time to get U.S. nukes out of Europe

By Stephen M. Walt

One of the more pernicious obstacles to rational policy-making is the "ratchet effect": the tendency for policies, once adopted, to acquire a life of their own and to become resistant to change, even when they have ceased to be useful. For example, you can be confident that we will all be wasting time in airport security lines decades from now, long after Osama bin Laden's death. Existing security measures may not pass a simple cost-benefit test, but what political leader would dare relax them? READ MORE

NATO and Afghanistan committed to partnership beyond 2014


NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on 12 April expressed the Alliance’s continued strong commitment to Afghanistan after talks with President Hamid Karzai in Kabul. READ MORE

Sample Article: Ukraines Security Equilibrium

Ukrainian Defense Minister Dmytro Salamatin said April 10 that Ukraine intends to intensify security cooperation with Belarus, specifically by "holding joint exercises, exchange visits by military delegations and sharing experience in military and technical areas." The previous day, Ukraine's Cabinet advised the Defense Ministry to participate in the battle group being formed by the Visegrad Four, which consists of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. READ MORE

Putin to NATO: Yankees, Please Stay in Afghanistan


God bless the American soldiers in Afghanistan. READ MORE

Left Hook


By Aleksandr Golubov

Before the first round of the Presidential elections is France the third place in pre-election race was firmly held by a former teacher, ex-Minister of Socialist Cabinet  Lionel Jospin, and by now the leader of the Left Front Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Having left behind his not less radical rival, the leader of another front – already National one – Marine Le Pen, Mélenchon have become a real dark horse of this elections, having proved the growth of radical left spirit in French society. His last meetings in Lipp, Paris and Toulouse were ones of the most crowded and emotional, and such high result hasn’t been predicted by anyone recently. Established in 2008 from the remains of the communist party, of various left-wing supporters, and all those who considered socialists and their current candidate Francois Hollande, to be too moderate and bourgeois, the Left Front breathed a new life in the ideas, uniting the upholders of social equality. Times when French communists were forced to give into rent a part of their head-quarters due to financial shortage are fading away. READ MORE

Grybauskaitė shall not Visit the Meeting of the Heads of Poland and Baltic States in Warsaw

By Sharunas Cheniauskas

The President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė decided not to go to the meeting, arranged by the President of Poland Bronislaw Komarowski, with the heads of Baltic states in Warsaw. It is reported that during this meeting the President of Poland wants to discuss with the Heads of neighbor-states the issues of the on-coming NATO Summit in Chicago. But the plans of Grybauskaitė don’t anticipate the visit to Warsaw. READ MORE

Uzbekistan, Great Britain intensify dialogue


The management of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry and a member of the Cabinet of Ministers, co-chairman of the British Conservative Party, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi have today discussed the current state and prospects of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, some urgent issues of regional and international politics, the Foreign Ministry said. READ MORE

A Taste of Chicago Comes to NATO


On 20 and 21 May 2012, Chicago will host the NATO Summit. During the Summit, more than 50 Heads of State and Government will come together to deliver on decisions taken at the Lisbon Summit in November 2010, driving forward key Alliance policies and reaffirming the transatlantic link. READ MORE

Fighter jets secure airspace of the Baltic countries


08:58, 28 March 2012 – the claxon shrieks at Tampere Air Base in Finland. Four minutes later, two F-18 Hornet fighter jets from the Finnish Air Force take off. Their mission – to intercept an aircraft that is not complying with international air traffic regulations. Since the attacks of 11 September 2001, the surveillance of European airspace is a sensitive topic for the Alliance member States and their partners. READ MORE