Asylum for Escaped Speculators

By Alina Kantor

How many escaped criminals, who are not subjected to extradition, from the former USSR states hide in London? Even if there is the slightest hint on that wanted criminals can follow noble objectives of democratic development, they are announced dissidents , and criminal cases become politically motivated pursuit. But not everyone can be protected by British democracy and gain precious indulgence. This way wasn’t lucky a famous journalist, the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange. Chasing of this person has turned into farce, vulgar performance, where spectators are observed as naïve simpletons.


In Sweden Assange is suspected to commit rape and sexual harassments, allegedly took place in 2010. The journalist then being in Great Britain was extradited to the state, which announced his international detection. Local court had no doubts that chasing of the journalist can be a political order and ruled out to give him away to Sweden.


However, multiway chess game named “To Eat Assange” gained quite an opposite result as it was planned by Englishmen. War of positions ended with zugzwang, the combination in chess, when any move of the player results into worsening of his positions. By this it concerns Englishmen and the person they are pursuing.


Assange, trying to escape from chase, requested for political asylum  in Ecuador Embassy and had it. But he can’t step out from the territory of diplomatic mission. Showing the strongest persistence, which deserve a real implementation, policemen of Scotland-yard lie in ambush, controlling the surrounding area. I.e. any attempt of Wikileaks founder to stop his volunteer detention shall turn into his defeat.


The same as for Englishmen, any attempt to stink out Assange can become a fatal political mistake. The Misty Albion’s authorities in the beginning tried to affect him with weapons, threatening. The Foreign Affairs Department of Great Britain even sent to the diplomatic mission of Ecuador a letter, where they state that in case of non-extradition of Assange to Londons police the government of the United Kingdom can start assault. But international community was rapid to show the Englishmen where they belong having announced this “aggressive unfriendly step” to contradict common international norms.


Ecuador addressed Sweden to get guarantees, that Assange shall not be extradited from Sweden to the USA, however “no guarantees” have yet been given to Ecuador. Meanwhile, Assange can face death penalty in the USA.


Who else is hidden in England? Thus a famous speculator of international scale Mukhtar Ablyazov, searched by law-enforcement bodies of many countries, gas got his political asylum here. He was made an idol – fighter for democracy in Kazakhstan. But nobody knows where this democrat hides today. Ablyazov has escaped.  He escaped right when the Supreme Court of London ruled out to arrest him for disrespect of Themis. And no one lied in ambush by his apartments to arrest him in case of escape, no one was going to assault the apartment of the oligarch. On the one scale we have a journalist Assange, who irritated America, whose fault is doubted, and on the other we have a money man Ablyazov, who cleaned out on of the biggest Kazakhstani banks, which caused losses not only among ordinary Kazakhstani people, but also many international financial institutions, including British depositors. On the same scale we have two women, who were by Assange voluntarily, and on the other we have billions stolen by Ablyazov.


The white oligarch today is being wanted not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Russia. The criminal group organized by the speculator created a financial pyramid in Moscow, consisting from one-day-companies.  Through this network Ablyazov withdraw from the budget of Kazakhstan about five billion USD. Despite the crimes committed, nevertheless, he was kindly welcomed in London. And this way they also aggravated the situation, as Ablyazov, contrary to formal ban on the use of stolen assets, was free to implement them. Moreover, one famous opposer Kozlov, admitted that the escaped oligarch sponsored opposition, involved into bloody events in Janaosen. Forces sponsored by him mutinied in west of the country, which resulted into victims among people. Kozlov and other assistants actively called to overthrow the acting power, for which they have been convicted to long terms of imprisonment. London, in the essence, with its line provoked bloody events, which with odd coincidence took place in the most reach oil-producing region of Kazakhstan.


Provided this riot was a success – Libyan Bengasi could be repeated. But Kazakhstan doesn’t suit for such scenario – here people live in unity and consent. By the way Ablyazov could mislead the Englishmen who gave him asylum. They probably sincerely believed his democratic views. And the sincerely didn’t believe Kazakhstan claiming that  he was a thief. London Supreme Court convicted for 22 months of imprisonment the ex-Head of Kazakhstani BTA-bank Mukhtar Ablyazov. The claimant – BTA-bank insisted that the defendant lied on oath about his assets, misled the court on realty he possessed, and also kept on controlling these assets, despite the court injunction claiming that raider attack was prepared that moment on the bank he headed and all his measures to withdraw the assets was of defense reaction. But Ablyazov has never controlled this bank. Formally not a single share belonged to Ablyazov. But … eventually everything came into his possession through offshores. That is how Ablyazov was stealing from minority shareholders.


As the Head of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Grigorij Marchenko notes, he also deceived the regulators, and auditors and law firms, which prepared documents to attack subsidized loans and placement of Eurobonds. And it’s clear that when he was pressed, Ablyazov had only one thing to do – to politicize everything, positioning himself as a victim of political pursuit, which has never been true. This person held top positions in economy of Kazakhstan, he was the minister. And he became an opposer only when the details of multiple crimes started revealing.


When Ablyazov escaped to London, English lawyers suggested Kazakhstani bank, which was saved thanks to state efforts, two variants to solve the problem. The first is to suit Ablyazov to attract him to criminal liability, then there is a possibility that he’ll go to jail, but money shall hardly be returned. And the second one is to file a civil suit, then he’ll be free, but there is a chance to get the money back, that were withdrawn from the bank. This variant seemed to be more real, as in this case Ablyazov, besides the other things, could speculate on political ground of the case. And here is the result – escaped oligarch eventually deceived also British Themis. He was allowed to leave Great Britain and no one knows where he is now.