Serbian president calls for pragmatic, flexible resolution of Kosovo dispute

Serbian President Boris Tadic said that a pragmatic and flexible approach is required to resolve the deadlock pertaining to the future status of Kosovo, reported the Serbian news agency Tanjug on Thursday.

Tadic, who was quoted in the 100th edition of the Belgrade- based magazine "Status", said that previous political options had been contrary to the interest of Serbia and the Serbian population in Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence in February 2008. "I believe that this issue should be treated in a flexible and pragmatic manner and that a solution should be found honoring the principles and dignity of both sides, making it possible to go on with our lives," said Tadic. "Any other approach would practically mean an attack on the lives of both Serbs and ethnic Albanians."

Tadic said Serbian policy toward Kosovo should be guided by" peaceful and persistent work" rather than bold patriotic speeches. The Serbian president called for a policy based on reason rather than mythology.

In recent days, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic presented the controversial option of dividing the territory of Kosovo between Serbia and Albania. The initial international response to this proposal has not been positive.