Way to solve the problem

By Arthur Dunn

It is widely known that energy sources such as oil and gas are considered as the main strategic resources. Countries possessing them are able to exert significant influence on the global economy and international politics. Meanwhile, it is clear that a key role in the Central Asian region will belong to water resource and their ownership in the near future. READ MORE

Uzbekistan joins INWRDAM

By D.Azizov

Uzbekistan has become a full member of the Inter-Islam Network of Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM), Jahon agency at the Uzbek Foreign Ministry announced. READ MORE

Germany - Central Asia: Words Must Be Backed Up By Action

Germany and the EU are ready to help the Central Asian countries improve the region’s water management. Minister of State Gernot Erler underlined this during the second EU-Central Asia conference at ministerial level in Brussels. In 2008 Germany, already recognizing
the problem, started the Central Asia Water Initiative. READ MORE