Lavrov: Turkmenistan and Russia interested in early Caspian summit

Following talks with the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in Ashgabat on Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the two countries are interested in attending an early Caspian summit. READ MORE

Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz. Improving Russian-Polish relations

By Nikolay Markotkin

Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, the former Prime Minister, Foreign Minister of Poland and former speaker of the Sejm, gives his views on current Russian-Polish and Belorussian-Polish relations and areas for their improvement. This interview was conducted on the sidelines of the international conference: “Russia and the European Union: Partnership and Potential” organized by RIAC.  READ MORE

Slovakia sees Yamal-Europe 2 gas pipeline a real project

Slovakia's gas transit company Eustream believes that the construction of the Yamal-Europe 2 gas pipeline, which is to pass through Poland to Slovakia and Hungary, is a real project, Eurstream spokesperson Vahram Chuguryan told SITA, Slovakia's news agency. READ MORE

Trade fair can't mask German-Russian tensions

Russia is the partner country for the 2013 Hannover Messe - the trade fair for the industrial sector. While German-Russian economic ties are booming, political problems are straining relations between the countries. READ MORE

The Cypriot Euro Crisis is Also About Germany and Russia

There were messy and embarrassing mistakes along the way. But, in the end, German Chancellor Angela Merkel got what she wanted: an end to the endemic system of money laundering and corruption in Cyprus. READ MORE

A bailout for Cyprus, a geopolitical failure for Russia


By Max Fisher

Russia has a few interests at stake in the European Union bailout for Cyprus. The first and most obvious is that Russian citizens stand to lose billions of dollars worth of savings in Cyprus’s banking sector, which serves as a low-tax haven for Russian oligarchs. Those oligarchs, remember, wield outsize political power within Russia. The second is that Cyprus is a political client state of Moscow’s, a helpful little ally on such matters as sending arms to Syria. The third is symbolic, and doesn’t actually have that much to do with Cyprus itself, but with Russia’s standing in Europe. READ MORE

GEOPOLITICS of China Threatens with Ecologic Disaster

By Arthur Dunn

The processes of the establishment of the Common Economic Space in Eurasia dictates the member-states the need of joint efforts to protect territorial and economic interests of each other. The case is about protection of the states interests in terms of joint use of water resources. Today Russia and Kazakhstan have to face the prospect of deficit of water, which is supplied from transboundary with China rivers. READ MORE

Consequences of Shale Revolution in the USA

By Daniil Rozanov

Russian authorities in course of the following month plan to define about liberalization of condensed natural gas (CNG) export. READ MORE

Russia Prepares for War with the US and NATO, While Lacking Resources


By Pavel Felgenhauer

Sergei Shoigu, a former long-time emergency situations minister (MChS) and a former Moscow region governor is a well-known and popular figure in Russia—according to recent independent Leveda-Tsentr polls, he is at present more popular than Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.


Eastern Partnership states should not be made to choose EU or Russia, US strategist says

Well-known US foreign policy strategist Bruce Jackson says it's very dangerous to make neighbors choose between Brussels and Moscow ahead of the forthcoming EU Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. READ MORE