Romania and Bulgaria are at the door of the Schengen area. Germany has sent the wrong message at the wrong time

By Andrey Gott

Wrong message at the wrong time: it brings grist to the mill and populist Eurosceptic David Cameron. Romania and Bulgaria do not enter into the Schengen area of free movement. Their case will be, at best, reviewed at the end of the year, and nothing says that member states hostile to the entry of both countries have in the meantime changed their point of view to enable them to access One day in space without borders. READ MORE

Southeast Europe Sets 2020 EU Membership Deadline

Ministers have called for furthering regional cooperation and European Union membership by 2020. READ MORE

Bulgaria: Goodbye nukes, hello Russian gas

By Kostis Geropoulos

Bulgaria has scrapped two of its three Russian-backed energy projects. Plans to build the 2,000MW Belene nuclear power plant on the Danube River were cancelled last week, and the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline was dropped in December. Usually saying ‘no’ to Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin carries a heavy price. READ MORE

Caspian gas: Bulgaria first

By Azer Ahmadbayli

Europeans better agree with its Eastern partners on a bilateral basis than on behalf of the whole EU. The example is Bulgaria, which really, as Bulgarian President Georgy Pyrvanov reported, showed Europe how it is possible to deal with Azerbaijan. READ MORE

Bulgaria, Russia go to court over Belene nuclear project


By Branimir Kondov

A tug of war between Sofia and Moscow over Russia's controversial Belene nuclear power plant project in Bulgaria intensified in August with both sides bracing for a protracted legal battle. READ MORE

Russia Pushes Bulgaria to Decide on Oil Pipeline, Nuclear Plant

By Anna Shiryaevskaya and Elizabeth Konstantinova

Russia urged Bulgaria to speed up decisions to allow the countries to start building an oil pipeline bypassing Turkey’s Bosporus strait and a nuclear power plant on the Danube River. READ MORE

Turkey's EU Membership's Possible Impacts on the Balkans

By Dr. Sedat Laciner

End of ‘balkanization’? READ MORE

Turkey Conditionally Approves NATO Missile Shield

By Sevil Küçükkoşum

Turkey indicated Thursday during a meeting of NATO ministers that it could approve the deployment of a proposed U.S.-led anti-missile system on Turkish soil, though it expressed reservations about the project. READ MORE

The New World Order

For centuries we have used maps to delineate borders that have been defined by politics. But it may be time to chuck many of our notions about how humanity organizes itself. Across the world a resurgence of tribal ties is creating more complex global alliances. Where once diplomacy defined borders, now history, race, ethnicity, religion, and culture are dividing humanity into dynamic new groupings. READ MORE

European Missile Shield Plan Is Expected To Gain Support

By Craig Whitlock

U.S. and NATO officials said Thursday they expect that the military alliance will formally participate in the Obama administration's plan for a missile defense shield over Europe, scheduled to be activated next year. READ MORE