Ansip: Kazakhstan is the Closest Partner of Estonia in Central Asia

The Prime Minister Andrus Ansip noted that Kazakhstan is the closest partner of Estonia in Central Asia. READ MORE

After Cuts, Voters Back Ruling Bloc in Estonia

By Ellen Barry

Early results in Estonia’s parliamentary election on Sunday showed the ruling coalition headed for a victory, in a remarkable show of support for a government that has imposed harsh austerity measures to lift the country out of recession. READ MORE

Estonian center-right coalition wins election

By Catherine Bolsover, David Levitz

Estonia's center-right government has claimed victory in Sunday's election after a record number of e-votes. The ruling coalition has won credit for ending a recession and overseeing a successful transition to the euro. READ MORE

Baltic Sea region's future - faster and deeper integration

"The European Union supports and promotes the region through the Baltic Sea Strategy, specially designed to encourage regional cooperation. Today, the governments of all the countries in the region, especially EU member states, bear the great responsibility for its implementation, engaging as widely as possible other members of the Baltic Club, and their permanent partner - the European Commission," President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— said at the Summit of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) held in Vilnius to discuss promotion of competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. READ MORE