Georgian MFA: Despite Russia's 'Destructive Policy' Tbilisi Seeks 'Normalization' of Ties

Despite Russia's "aggression" and its "persisting destructive policy directed against Georgia's independence and statehood", the Georgian government seeks "a gradual normalization" of bilateral ties, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on August 7 on the occasion of the fifth year anniversary of the war with Russia. READ MORE

Hillary Feeding Georgia With Strategic Promises

By Ruslan Chigoev

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes on encouraging Georgia. After her approving statements about support of Sakartvelo's sovereignty and "territorial integrity" she promised to assist in realization of a strategy regarding the "occupied territories". The prospect of the implementation of this document was discussed by GeorgiaTimes correspondent with Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Maxim Gvindzhia. READ MORE