Iran's top nuclear negotiator: NPT members need to cooperate to use nuclear enegy peacefully


The members of NPT should be cooperating with each other to use nuclear energy peacefully, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili said, Press TV reported live.  READ MORE

Powers and Iran remain far apart after Almaty talks

World powers and Iran remain far apart despite two days of intensive talks over Tehran's nuclear programme, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said after the negotiations ended on Saturday. READ MORE

Talks with Teheran in Almaty: the first results


By Arthur Dunn

Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program held on a neutral territory of Kazakhstan gave the first results. For the first time in the history of this issue, Tehran did not delay with determination of the date for the next round of negotiations. It is important that the initiative of prompt meeting came from Iran. And this step is taken, despite the fact that in June, Tehran expects the presidential election, which could be a cover for a reluctance to enter into any agreements in the near future. All these facts prove that Iran is seeking the lifting of sanctions and is ready to meet requirements of the "six". READ MORE

Being in Munich Tehran Was Invited in Astana

By Andrey Gott

The last chance for peaceful talks to resolve the nuclear issue. READ MORE

Canada stuck with career criminal after Iran refuses to take him back

By Steve Mertl

We report occasionally in this space about upstanding people who've been ordered out of Canada on some technicality or other, wringing our hands at the unfairness of it all. READ MORE

Iranian Compromise

By Karina Nikolayeva, Georgij Kovalev

Grave economic state of the Republic is the key factor to achieve mutual understanding and decision of Iran to make a compromise with IAEA READ MORE

Vice Pres: Iran best path for transferring Caspian Sea oil and gas

Vice President and Head of Environment Protection Organization Mohammad-Javad Mohammadi-Zadeh announced here Wednesday that Iran is logically best path for transferring Caspian Sea oil and gas. READ MORE

Iran must be President Obama’s immediate priority

By Henry A. Kissinger

In the aftermath of an exhausting reelection campaign, the most urgent decision facing the president is how to stop Iran from pursuing a military nuclear program. Presidents of both parties have long declared that “no option is off the table” in securing this goal. In the third presidential debate, the candidates agreed that this was a matter of the American national interest, even as they described the objective alternately as preventing an Iranian “nuclear weapon” or “breakout capacity” (President Obama), or a “nuclear-capable Iran” (Mitt Romney). As Iran continues to elaborate its enrichment capacity and move it underground, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a spring deadline for counteraction. In this fraught environment, what operational meaning should be given to America’s declared objectives?  READ MORE

Ahmadinejad defends Iran's nuclear programme

In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 in Tehran Wednesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country has "a right" to the enrichment of uranium to 20 percent. But he insisted that it was not a step toward producing a bomb. READ MORE

Romney and Obama talk Iran, nuclear program at debates


President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney wrapped up a series of defining debates on Monday night with a bristling exchange over America's place in the world, and other important issues, one of which was Iran and its disputed nuclear program, NY Times reported. READ MORE