Secretary general says NATO unprepared for Libya crisis

By Remi Adekoya

Alliance has "no plans to act," but is preparing for eventualities. READ MORE

Unrest and Libya's Energy Industry

Libya’s political strife has already begun to impact its energy production, and this is just the beginning. READ MORE

Europe rethinks dependence on Libyan oil

By Andrés Cala

Italy and Spain depend on Libya for as much as 22 percent and 13 percent of total crude consumption, respectively, a supply not easily replaced on short notice. READ MORE

Italy and Czech Republic back Gaddafi despite bloodbath

The EU is struggling to speak with one voice following a massive loss of life in Libya over the weekend and the regime's vow to fight protesters to the "to the last bullet. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has spoken of her "extreme concern," while Rome does not want to "disturb" strongman Moammar Gaddafi and Prague has warned of a "catastrophe" if he falls. READ MORE