World builds new nuclear power plants

By Ellada Khankishiyeva

Despite the fact that relating to the accident at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant seriously undermined people's confidence in nuclear power up to the point of abandoning functioning nuclear projects, some countries on the contrary, want to build their own nuclear power plants. READ MORE

The Fuel Pools Of Fukushima: The Greatest Short-Term Threat To Humanity


Editor's Note^ This detailed report by our Contributor Washington Blog must be read very carefully. READ MORE

Nuclear Power Goes Rogue


By Henry Sokolski

Post-Fukushima, the market for nuclear power is changing latitudes. Here’s what’s at stake. READ MORE

Expert: Unconventional gas has “huge” potential

By Jan Vitásek

Shale gas and unconventional gas have a huge future potential when compared with conventional gas supplies. But their lack of social acceptance, and the technological adjustments and regulatory framework required to develop them remain a challenge in Europe, Pawel Konzal, associate director for Energy Industries of the World Economic Forum (WEF), told in an exclusive interview. READ MORE

Nuclear Security Summit: One year on, and looking ahead

We asked nuclear policy experts in Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs to summarize in one paragraph the achievements in the year since President Obama convened a summit on nuclear security on April 12-13, 2010. And we asked for a second paragraph on what needs to be done in the year before the follow-up summit planned for Seoul, South Korea. READ MORE

Lessons of Chernobyl must be learned, but nuclear should not be abandoned

Japan and other nations will heed the lessons of Chernobyl as they deal with the aftermath of Fukushima, says Ukraine's Deputy Economy Minister Valery Piatnitsky. READ MORE

Fukushima fears' boost gas prospects

Japan's nuclear crisis will speed the elimination of nuclear power from some European countries and render many planned projects too risky, ultimately increasing Europe's dependence on gas. READ MORE

Hamish McRae: The Fukushima effect, globally, will be colossal

The former British chief scientific adviser says the UK should press on even faster with new nuclear power stations; the German voters say Germany should dump them altogether – and it looks as though the Berlin government will agree. READ MORE

The international community must intervene – in Japan

By Jacques Attali

Just as the international community had to come together to stem the financial meltdown from contaminating the entire world economy or prevent massacre in Libya, it must now intervene in Japan to prevent radiation from poisoning the planet. READ MORE