Electricity policy in the Baltic States: On the Eve of Decisive Decisions

By Vaiva Sapetkaitė

Several major energy projects are currently implemented in the Baltic Region. However, due to their complex nature and long implementation period the internal changes or changes in the international environment might determine long delays or even termination of project implementation. For instance, the referendum on the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant (VNPP) left the countries in uncertainty and made them consider alternative ways to ensure energy independence. READ MORE

Donors Cut the Aid to Shut Down INPP

By Dalya Plikune

Thursday the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development grounding on the donors of the Ignalina International Decommissioning Support Fund, made a decision to stop financing of one of the projects on Ignalina NPP decommissioning. READ MORE

Possible Prospects of Baltic NPP

By Thomas Yarvinen

The situation about the NPP in Lithuania becomes clearer, and the Russians promise to build their own in any case. READ MORE

Is Lithuania’s energy independence realistic?

By Živilė Marija Vaicekauskaitė

In the context of discussions and plans concerning construction of a new nuclear power plant (NPP) in Visaginas the following question arises: is Lithuania’s energy independence realistic and what measures or actions could guarantee Lithuania’s sovereignty? READ MORE