Vimont: EU shouldn’t underestimate its soft power


By Laurens Cerulus

Despite the EU’s difficulties to get its voice heard on the Syria crisis, Pierre Vimont argues that the 28-country bloc should not underestimate its soft power footprint: “I don’t pretend that we’re doing as much as we’d like, but we’re as active as possible, at least in our neighbourhood.” READ MORE

France has most cybercrime victims in Europe


The French suffer more from cybercrime than any other Europeans, computer security company Symantec has found. And French companies need to take urgent action to protect themselves from fraud and espionage on the internet, the head of the national cybersecurity agency warns. READ MORE

Azerbaijani gas in Europe: from words to action


The year of 2013 can be really considered as a crucial, decisive and a historical year for the gas industry of not only Azerbaijan, but of the whole European energy market. Soon after the choice of Trans-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) in June as a route for transportation of Azerbaijani gas to Europe, contracts were signed in Baku yesterday on delivery of this gas to European consumers. READ MORE

Geopolitical Journey: The U.S.-European Relationship, Then and Now

By George Friedman

I am writing this from Greece, having spent the past week in Europe and having moved among various capitals. Most discussions I've had in my travels concern U.S. President Barack Obama's failure to move decisively against Syria and how Russian President Vladimir Putin outmatched him. Of course, the Syrian intervention had many aspects, and one of the most important ones, which was not fully examined, was what it told us about the state of U.S.-European relations and of relations among European countries. This is perhaps the most important question on the table. READ MORE

Tevan J. Poghosyan: Simultaneous participation in both the CU and DCFTA-envisaged regimes is not possible


Exclusive interview of the President International Center for Human Development (ICHD) , Member of the Parliament, National Assembly of Armenia  Mr Tevan J. Poghosyan READ MORE

Austrian grand coalition looks to have fended off euroskeptic challengers

Voters in Austria have finished casting their ballots in an election that looks likely to return a grand coalition to power. Predictions indicated their share of the vote had been significantly eroded by euroskeptics. READ MORE

Europe and Turkey: In search of a new world


By Kader Sevinç

Some EU governments act in contradiction with a strategic vision for the common European values and interest when they block Turkey’s accession talks. READ MORE

Ukraine could integrate with Europe and yet not fall out with Russia – Bill Clinton

Ukraine could sign the Association Agreement with the European Union and still preserve partnership relations with Russia, thinks 42nd US President (1993-2001), Bill Clinton. READ MORE

Fight extremism now

By Corina Cretu

Beyond the normal and necessary public debates, the upcoming elections for the European Parliament have already led to deplorable attitudes which are in total contradiction to the principles of the European construction. READ MORE

On the Crossroads of Integration: Choices of Armenia Heading

Integration with the European Union (EU) has always been one of the key foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Armenia. READ MORE