Renewable energy

Unjustified developments of renewable energy sources: the danger to be lured into a trap (I)

By Antanas Å utas

Some of the EU Member States decided to pursue the so called nuclear phase-out policy aiming to end nuclear power generation. All this points towards an energy policy which puts renewable energy sources for electricity production into the foreground. Although Germany takes the lead role in this plan, it has already faced serious problems which have been anticipated by experts.


Renewable energy sources: toward energy security?

By Inga SapronaitytÄ—

All countries should give high priority to the development of renewable energy sources (RES) and their effective use.  Alternative energy is one of the ways to establish new jobs, develop „green“ economy and reduce  greenhouse gas emissions. Lithuania should also focus on the development of RES and increase energy independence since it is still highly dependent on Russia. Effective use of RES could increase reliable energy supplies and comply with the environmental requirements of the EU.  READ MORE