Kazakhstan, UK Sign Accord on Transit to Afghanstan

This week’s visit to Astana by British Secretary of Defence Philip Hammond resulted in the signing of an agreement guaranteeing the transit of British military property and personnel across the territory of Kazakhstan. READ MORE

Uzbekistan’s Quest for Oi Aral Seal May Weaken Kazakhstan’s Position in the Caspian

By Farkhad Sharip

As a part of its incessant attempts to consolidate its presence in the energy sector of Central Asia, on January 17, the board of executives of the Russian company, Lukoil, endorsed the purchase by its daughter company, Lukoil Overseas, of 6.6 percent of shares in transnational Aral Sea Operating Company. The Aral Sea Operating Company was set up in 2006 to explore and develop Uzbekistan’s oil and gas fields in the Aral Sea on a Product Sharing Agreement basis. With the additional acquisition, Russian shares in the transnational Aral project joined by Uzbekistan’s Uzneftegaz national holding, Chinese CNPC International, South Korean KNOC Aral and Russian Lukoil Company totals 26.6 percent. The 6.6 percent of shares purchased by Lukoil earlier belonged to Malaysian Petronas Company, which abandoned the project in 2011. READ MORE

Turkistan 'terrorists' hurt Uyghur cause


By J Z Adams

The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) harbors the lofty and unrealistic goal of expelling Chinese "occupiers" from Xinjiang province and create an independent State called "East Turkistan". READ MORE

Japan highly appreciates Kazakhstan's efforts as a leader in the world dialogue on implementation of Nuclear-Free World initiative, Foreign Minister Kōichirō Gemba

By Ruslan Suleimenov

The Japanese-Kazakh relations in the economic sphere are rapidly developing in recent years. Kazakhstan ranks first among the countries of Central Asia in the volume of trade and the amount of the Japanese investments, that gives reason to confirm Kazakhstan is a very important partner of Japan in this region, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Kōichirō Gemba has told in an interview with Kazinform. READ MORE

Thanks to concerted efforts of Presidents, Kazakh-China relations keep positive trend of stable development, Chinese FM Yang Jiechi

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and China, Foreign Affairs Minister of China Yang Jiechi gave an inclusive interview to Kazinform Agency. READ MORE

Kazakhstan Defended Its Interests for Oil Transit via Batumi Black Sea Port

By Kulpash Konyrova

More than 70% of Kazakhstani oil from the scope of oil exported to world markets via the so-called Caucasian corridor, shall flow through the Black Sea port of Batumi, which as known is a property of national company of our Republican “KazMunajGaz”. READ MORE

Berlin-Astana: Eurasian Dialogue Goes On

Results of President Nazarbayev Visit to Germany. READ MORE

Aral Sea challenge to Kazakhstan


By Farkhad Sharip

As a part of Lukoil's incessant attempts to consolidate its presence in the energy sector of Central Asia, on January 17, the Russian company's board of executives endorsed the purchase by its daughter company, Lukoil Overseas, of 6.6% of shares in the transnational Aral Sea Operating Company. READ MORE

Major events in Caspian countries' oil and gas industry


Azerbaijan and Italy discuss prospects of cooperation in energy sector READ MORE

Kazakhstan cozies up to Germany

By Mikhail Bushuev, Markian Ostaptschuk

Kazakhstan hopes to win over the European Union as another key trade partner alongside Russia and China. Experts see the Berlin visit of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev as paving the way. READ MORE