The Irtysh River in Hydropolitics of Russia, Kazakhstan and China

By Arthur Dunn

China has signed no international-legal documents on transboundary water objects. READ MORE

Kazakhstan Promotes Central Asian Interests Within OIC


By Richard Weitz

In recent years, Kazakhstan has made an effort to deepen and expand cooperation with the world’s Islamic community. The focus has been on economic and cultural ties, but political and security issues have also been prominent due to the large number of internal and regional conflicts afflicting Muslim majority countries. Toward this end, in 1995, Kazakhstan joined the Organization for Islamic Conference (OIC), which was established in 1969. Kazakhstan then became the first Central Asian country to chair the organization as the rotating head of its Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) from June 2011 to November 2012. READ MORE

Russia Eyes Stronger Economic Engagement with Central Asia


By Sergei Blagov

Russian authorities reiterated, on January 22, pledges of increased economic engagement with Central Asia. The foreign ministry advocated plans to develop economic and trade ties with the region, while other officials urged the creation of a Russian state corporation that would encourage economic development there (Regnum, January 22). READ MORE

“Black Stalkers” Intensifying in Central Asia

By Alina Kantor

In recent years the number of local conflicts has increased in the world. Total redistribution of property is taking place. Whole countries and peoples are being involved into the game of survival, the main prize of which is resources. This process is accompanied with revolutions and ends as a rule with occurrence of a puppet government. READ MORE

Something About CU

By Mark Rubin

Many countries consider the Customs Union (CU) of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus as a "plum", the place where you can deliver the goods as well as export raw materials from it. Taking into account the new tariff rates of this "triple" the last option is much more profitable. Integration association that was set up in record short time, learns the lessons of the EU, and therefore, following the beaten track, is developing a tremendous success. READ MORE

VIP-Refugees and the Strategy of Washington

By Оleg Bychkov

Hardly the second Presidential term of Obama shall force the USA to revise radically its line in the issue of desirable (and not really) guests from the CIS states. However, growing activity of Washington in Central Asia region, related with the oncoming withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan, gives ground to suggest that now the USA hardly shall welcome the persecuted by “criminal power” opposers from the states of this region. Moreover that in the USA, contrary to common views, not at all everybody is delighted with the growing number of VIP-refugees from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, other post-Soviet republics. According to a number of experts, now American authorities shall less decisively give positive replies for the kind of asylum claimers – it’s too serious challenge for the urgent dialogue with the official power in Astana, Tashkent, other capitals. Too serious is the challenge from the side of Afghanistan for everybody.  READ MORE

The Process Move Forward

By Alina Kantor

It seems that Switzerland seriously has decided to improve its international image by dealing with oligarchs with dark past, claiming to live in comfortable cantons. The Khrapunovs clan is one of the families, trapped under close focus of Geneva prosecutors.  READ MORE

Major events in Caspian countries' oil and gas industry for week

Azerbaijani State Oil Fund budget approved for 2013 READ MORE

Energy for the future


Energy shortages in the world makes the leading powers seek new ways to solve this problem. While in the field of sports leaders are determined during the Olympic Games, in the sphere of innovations development such a venue is International Specialized Exhibition EXPO. In 2017, it will be held in Kazakhstan. The main theme of the site designated as the "Energy for the future". We emphasize that showcase of the best mankind achievements in the development of green energy will be held in a country whose economy has been historically kept at the edge of the angle. Perhaps this will be the main "zest" of the upcoming event. READ MORE

Presidential Summit Drives Kazakhstani-French Relations Forward

By Richard Weitz

During his recent visit to France on November 21–23, Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev met with his counterpart Francois Hollande for the first time since Hollande became French president in May 2012. The successful encounter showed that Hollande wants to continue the high level of cooperation between the two countries that his predecessor, Nicholas Sarkozy, had initiated (Tengri News, November 22). READ MORE