Russian energy moves indicate a shift in priorities

By Ioannis Michaletos

The Russian energy moves in natural gas and oil as they are being developed since late 2010, indicate a shift in priorities, namely more reliance on exports in the dynamic Asian markets and at the same time acceleration of the ongoing collaboration schemes with Western producers and traders. READ MORE

President Obama calls for one-third cut to oil imports

By Steven Mufson

President Obama called for a one-third cut in oil imports by 2025 to reduce U.S. reliance on foreign petroleum. READ MORE

Ukrainian Way of Caspian Oil

By Arthur Dunn

Oil Pipeline Odessa-Brody Have Waited Caspian Oil Transit to Europe for Ten Years. READ MORE

Azerbaijan becomes EU central energy partner against background of instability in Middle East

By U. Sadikhova

Azerbaijan becomes a central energy partner of the European Union (EU) against the background of frequent unrests in the Middle Eastern countries supplying energy resources, Carl Hamilton, chairman for the European Affairs Committee at the Swedish Parliament believes. READ MORE

Kazakhstan increased oil ECF to $40

Kazakhstan has increased the oil Export Customs Fee (ECF) to $40 per ton. The order was signed by the Prime Minister Karim Massimov on December 30, 2010, and published in the official press on Thursday, KazTAG reports. READ MORE

Russian Oil Flows To Central Europe 'To Dry Up'

Russia's growing oil exports to Asia and the Baltic have unsettled European traders and refiners, who fear shortages on the Black Sea and in Central Europe should Russian output stall or decline. READ MORE

A Ten Year Forecast: Russia’s Decline, Central Europe’s Ascent

By Edward Lucas

In a thought-provoking forecast, CEPA Senior Fellow Edward Lucas anticipates Russia’s palpable decline by 2020, having fallen behind Brazil, India and China. Meanwhile, Central Europe will be on the ascent, with the three Baltic States “overtaking the sluggish, debt-ridden economies of Southern Europe.” READ MORE

Russia Loses Power Status

By Roman Muzalevsky

A few years ago it was common to refer to Russia as an "energy superpower". High global energy prices prior to the global financial crisis and Russia's control over Central Asian oil and gas exports underscored the seemingly irrefutable proposition of Moscow's influence. READ MORE

Analysis-Investors Circle Turkmenistan For Energy Openings

By Robin Paxton

Western energy firms are poised to strike deals in Turkmenistan as the Central Asian state opens up its lucrative oil and gas reserves after years of isolation. READ MORE

Europe's Transcontinental Pipedream

By Steve LeVine

I was surprised to learn on a visit to Brussels last week that the confusion is worse than I had thought among Europeans regarding Nabucco, the object of a long and thus-far-quixotic effort to connect Central Asian natural gas supplies with Europe. READ MORE