Sarkozy and Hollande set out to woo far-right Front National Le Pen voters


As campaigning continues ahead of the 6 May run-off for French president both candidates set out on Monday to court the more than six million people who voted for the far-right Front National party of Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s first round. READ MORE

Left Hook


By Aleksandr Golubov

Before the first round of the Presidential elections is France the third place in pre-election race was firmly held by a former teacher, ex-Minister of Socialist Cabinet  Lionel Jospin, and by now the leader of the Left Front Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Having left behind his not less radical rival, the leader of another front – already National one – Marine Le Pen, Mélenchon have become a real dark horse of this elections, having proved the growth of radical left spirit in French society. His last meetings in Lipp, Paris and Toulouse were ones of the most crowded and emotional, and such high result hasn’t been predicted by anyone recently. Established in 2008 from the remains of the communist party, of various left-wing supporters, and all those who considered socialists and their current candidate Francois Hollande, to be too moderate and bourgeois, the Left Front breathed a new life in the ideas, uniting the upholders of social equality. Times when French communists were forced to give into rent a part of their head-quarters due to financial shortage are fading away. READ MORE

Serbian President Boris Tadic resigns, paving the way for early presidential election


Pro-Western Serbian President Boris Tadic said Wednesday he is resigning, paving the way for an early presidential election when he will face a strong challenge from a nationalist candidate who has Russia’s support. READ MORE

Putin wins Russian presidency amid vote-fraud claims


Vladimir Putin has claimed victory in presidential elections after appearing before tens of thousands of chanting supporters in the capital, Moscow. Election monitors say the polls were tainted by widespread violations. READ MORE

Eurasian Union 'not dependent on Russian elections'


By Kulpash Konyrova

The project of the creation of the Eurasian Union does not depend on the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections in Russia to be held on 4 March, Russian experts said during discussions within the framework of the video link Astana – Moscow on the topic 'The Future of the Eurasian project through the perspective of Russian elections'. READ MORE

Dzhioyeva Announced the Date of Her Inauguration


The leader of South Ossetia opposition, ex-candidate for the President of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioyeva declared to reporters that she had appointed the day of her inauguration on February 10th 2012. “I address to the acting President of South Ossetia Vadim Borovtsev and ask to delegate me the power in civilized way”, - said Dzhioyeva. She underlined that the inauguration shall take place in Tskhinvali in any case, even if the authorities won’t assure her required conditions. READ MORE

New Stage in the History of Kazakhstan

Early Parliamentary elections took place in Kazakhstan. Beforehand the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev underlined that “the elections to Majilis are to become a new step of democratization of Kazakh society and our political system”. And already now we can positively declare that this stage has come. READ MORE

Double Light of the Polish Parliamentary Elections Results


By Antony Gotfree

Past Parliamentary elections were in the focus not only in Poland itself, their course and results were actively commented on by politicians and experts of several countries. READ MORE

Poland Wants Friendly Ties With Russia, Notes Difficulties

By Marcin Sobczyk

Poland wants friendly relations with Russia despite recent disagreements and a history of conflicts between the countries, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday. READ MORE

Pro-Russia party scores huge success in Latvia election


By Richard Connor

In Latvia, a party backed by the large Russian minority, has won almost a third of votes in a snap election. But its more nationalist rivals may unite to keep the Harmony Party from power. READ MORE