Why Moldova Matters

By Matthew Rojansky, Lyndon Allin

Although the air outside is hot and dry—part of a heat wave scorching Russia and neighboring Ukraine—it is cool, dark, and slightly damp in the sandstone caverns beneath Milestii Mici, Moldova’s largest winery. Along seemingly endless underground boulevards, Soviet-era lighting and updated signs point the way to underground galleries housing millions of liters of meticulously produced and preserved wine in bottles and oak barrels—just part of the winery’s two-million-bottle collection, acknowledged by Guinness as the world’s largest. READ MORE

Moldovan Referendum: Suffers Governing Alliance Crushing Defeat

By Vladimir Socor

Moldova’s constitutional referendum, held on September 5, has failed due to lacking a quorum, with only 29 percent voter turnout. The failure has triggered a full-blown crisis of legitimacy for the political system in general and the governing authorities in particular. READ MORE

Transnistrian conflict to be discussed at OSCE summit in Astana

Special representative of the OSCE chairman-in-office Bolat Nurgaliev has said the Transnistrian conflict will be included in the agenda of the OSCE Summit of Heads of State and Government which will take a place in Astana in December, 2010. READ MORE

Moscow Seeks Political Allies in Moldova Ahead of Referendum and Elections

By Vladimir Socor

The crash of Moldova’s experiment with a parliamentary system of government, predictable though it was, could not have occurred at a worse time for the country. When this experiment had first collapsed in 2000, Moldova still had a margin for error at its disposal, sheltered as it then was from direct Russian intrusion into its domestic politics. Even so, that first collapse of the parliamentary system ushered in eight years of Communist Party rule (2001-2009). This preserved the parliamentary republic pro forma while operating as a presidential republic de facto. The communists remain the single strongest party by far in the electorate and in parliament; and their leader, former President Vladimir Voronin, remains the most popular politician (although their ratings are in long-term decline) READ MORE

Ukraine Made Moldova a Maritime State by Mistake: Ukrainian Expert

“Ukraine has to correct the mistakes done in due time in the negotiations with Moldova, which only got worse during the time of “oranges” in power”. Why so unexpectedly Moldova became a maritime state? This issue has to be investigated by Ukrainian Parliament", - claimed Ukrainian political analyst Konstantin Dolgov during the interview for IA Regnum Novosti. READ MORE

Moldova to Choose the Starting Point

By Oleg Gorbunov

A Referendum (Presidential elections – people’s or Parliamentary voting) and pre-term Parliamentary elections are planned for the autumn of 2010 in Moldova. They should either prolong or solve political crisis which began after the Parliamentary elections in April of 2009. READ MORE

Armenia must sign Madrid principles

Armenia should officially agree to the statement made by the Presidents of the co-chair countries in Canada on June 26, the political scientist Stepan Grigoryan told reporters on July 8. READ MORE

What is the Interest of Kiev in Transnistria Regulation?

The subject of Transnistria regulation seems to return into the list of priorities of native Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Despite the scepsis of last months, related to indefiniteness around the candidate and the level of authorities of a future special representative to Ukraine on the issues of Transnistria regulation, and also the attempt of Russia and Germany to establish new grounds to discuss frozen conflicts (the role of Ukraine, choosing words carefully, is not clear), Kiev finally decided again to turn to the subject of Transnistria regulation. READ MORE

Modova’s PM looks to the future

Vlad Filat, who leads Moldova’s pro-Western government, recently visited Luxembourg where euronews asked him about planned early elections, about solutions for Transnistria and integration with Europe, which he says is “an absolute priority” for his government. READ MORE

Moldova Orders Russia To Withdraw Troops From Transdniester

Moldova has ordered Russia to withdraw all its troops from the separatist Transdniester region, where they've been stationed for two decades. READ MORE