Ukraine suspends preparations for EU trade agreement


A government statement said the decision had been taken to protect Ukraine's "national security". READ MORE

EU Gives Ukraine Deadline to Free Ex-Premier


By Katya Gorchinskaya

The European Union urged Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych to take steps to free jailed political rival Yulia Tymoshenko if he wants to seal a free-trade and political deal with the EU, setting a deadline of Nov. 18 for "a definitive move." READ MORE

The State and Prospects of the Russia-EU-Ukraine Triangle

An interview with Andreas Umland, DAAD lecturer in political science, National University of Kiev – Mohyla Academy, Ukraine (since 2010). READ MORE

As Poland shines, Ukraine sinks. Yet both their trajectories can be changed

By Timothy Garton Ash

While the EU is right to react firmly to the show trial of Tymoshenko, it shouldn't see history as a reason to give up on Kiev. READ MORE

Interview: Kostyantyn Gryshchenko

By Susan Glasse and Joshua E. Keating

Ukraine's foreign minister on what Egypt could learn from the Orange Revolution and the prosecution of Yulia Tymoshenko. READ MORE

Ukrainian Way of Caspian Oil

By Arthur Dunn

Oil Pipeline Odessa-Brody Have Waited Caspian Oil Transit to Europe for Ten Years. READ MORE

Any changes in Ukraine’s foreign policy?

By Arūnas Spraunius

In the interview to the Latvian daily ”Diena” former Ukrainian president  V.Yushchenko said that European policy often looks like the natural merit not requiring any evidence, and that integration of Ukraine into EU is perceived as one-sided, i.e. exceptionally the Ukrainian act. Europe assigns to the candidate tasks but cannot avoid dual policy on such issues as security, energy, visa policy and defense. European Union would benefit from the accelerated integration of the country with 46 million citizens; therefore the current slow down of Ukraine’s euro integration should be treated as a bad decision. According to V.Yushchenko, his country has always been within the system of European values. READ MORE

A Strategic Opportunity for Ukraine

By Matthew Rojansky

There are neighborhoods in Kyiv one might easily mistake for Paris, London, or New York: intricately decorated Victorian apartment buildings and townhouses mingle with sidewalk cafes, small parks and monuments, mid-century office blocks, and glass-fronted modern office towers.  And stretching skyward from the crests of Kyiv’s famous seven hills are its unmistakably Slavic monuments—the onion domes and golden crosses of St. Michael’s and St. Sophia’s cathedrals, and the Caves Monastery. READ MORE

Ukraine May Give Russia Joint Control of Pipe to Cut Gas Prices

By Daryna Krasnolutska and Kateryna Choursina

Ukraine is willing to give Russia joint control of a pipeline to southeastern Europe in exchange for access to natural gas supplies, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said as the countries negotiate a gas venture. READ MORE

Russia Grants Ukraine Gas Discount In Return For Fleet Lease Extension

Ukraine has agreed to a lengthy extension for the Russian Black Sea Fleet's base in Crimea in exchange for a major discount on Kyiv's imports of Russian gas. READ MORE