Director General of International Military Staff identifies NATO’s key challenges

In 2014, NATO will mark its 65th year as the world’s most powerful and successful military alliance. Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute on Tuesday (10 Dec. 2013), Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper, Director General of NATO International Military Staff, discussed the key challenges the Alliance must seek “to restore its experience, capability and capacity to operate throughout the full range of the conflict spectrum.”


Delivering his address at the Lord Trenchard Memorial Lecture 2013 on ‘NATO Air Power: Learning from the Past – Looking to the Future’, Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper identified key issues that the Alliance should address in order to face future threats. “2014 will bring to an end a 12 year period during which Afghanistan has been NATO’s main effort – an effort on which much of its military and political activity has focused. So next year, with the summit in Wales, will represent a significant turning point for NATO’s posture as we shift from being on operations to being prepared for operations.”