Final Adventure In Europe Of One Oligarch

By Pierre Elzas

Thanks to the criminal oligarchy , the thesis who owns the information, owns the world has undergone major changes. One of the PR people can be called an international scale Mukhtar Ablyazov . It uses media tool lies. This person actively interested in law enforcement Great Britain, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece , Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.


Abliyazov led cabinet positions in Kazakhstan , was a businessman in Russia . In his biography as corruption scandals , imprisonment and political activity in pursuit of a single goal - to ensure the inviolability of his person and his criminal business.


While serving as chairman of BTA Bank he stole from investors and creditors about $ 6 billion , sending them to the subsidiary is and laundering through offshore.


London's High Court ruled the arrest of the property Ablyazova , all his accounts and the company in favor of BTA Bank since the theft was inconclusive. English judge , the leading case , wondered why it was not considered in the criminal context , as the offense is evident. Representatives of BTA Bank explained to return the misappropriated money was easier in civil proceedings . This allowed to cut off accusations of political persecution Ablyazova . In the end, he was a fugitive tycoon sentenced to prison for contempt of British Themis . And ran away from England. Over time, the content has become stagnant accompanying violent activities.


There was a time when Ablyazov sympathized with some of the media , mainly aimed against Russia , Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where he financed the radical opposition . While Abliyazov wanted to return to politics in Kazakhstan. As it turns out , it is difficult to destabilize the situation there . In order to cause a crisis of confidence in government, in the course were all possible means , until the unrest and terrorist attacks. Some supporters fugitive oligarch was arrested in Spain, where the decision is taken on their extradition.


Ambitious plans for a coup d'etat in Kazakhstan is not true. Began another stage in the life of an oligarch - politics of survival.


Large forces were given to the fact that with the help of the media tycoon whitewash name in the eyes of the international community to provide the harassment as a personal score . The fact that the thief Abliyazov international scale suppressed . In parallel with the media activity showed various human rights organizations. Their task was to protect the rights and freedoms of personal Ablyazova.


French part of the official biography Ablyazova like a detective thriller . Ostensibly , the kidnapping of his family was just expulsion from Italy to Kazakhstan in connection with violations of immigration laws . And he began to try using the media to pursue one main goal - to prevent the issuance of Ukraine itself . On request of that country , he was arrested by Interpol in France. Some media have argued that if extradited Abliyazov be transferred to Ukraine and then certainly will be in Kazakhstan. And then it will start to torture and to a fair trial can not count . But despite the best efforts of lawyers Abliyazov miserably lost in Europe, it is one thing after another.


A slightly different information policy is carried out in a number of media representatives on the team Ablyazova who are detained and await extradition to other European countries. It's the same in Spain and Pavlov Tatiana Paraskevich in the Czech Republic . These media are more focused on what to neutralize their possible testimony against Ablyazov in the case of extradition. Does not account for PR Abliyazov one - of course the power of public opinion is serious, but the facts in this case are stubborn things.