Foreign ministry: Kazakhstan will send observers of military missions to some countries

By Daniyar Mukhtarov

Kazakhstan will send observers of military missions, rather than peacekeepers to some countries, in keeping with the UN decision, Kazakh Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrisov told reporters on Thursday.


"The matter rests in observers of the military missions, rather than the classic peacekeepers," he added. "Kazakhstan is considering such issues thoroughly."


He pointed out that Kazakhstan, as a UN member supports the organization's budget for peacekeeping operations.


"Kazakhstan is now preparing the UN framework agreement on the status of our peacekeeping forces," he said. "Our peacekeepers can not fully go to the UN missions. But the mission of military observers is another category. They are not directly involved in military missions."


At a joint session on Dec. 20, MPs will resolve the issue of sending Kazakh peacekeepers to several countries, an informed source told Novosti- Kazakhstan agency earlier.