Kazakh leader disagrees with theories about catastrophic developments of Central Asian events

Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan does not agree with catastrophic theories of further developments in the events in Central Asia. This opinion has been expressed by Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in his welcoming speech to the participants of the Eurasian Media Forum 2013, being held in "Kazmediacenter".


"In general, the increasing role of the media sphere leads to the creation of new media, which I would call “means of mass innovation” forming a high standard of development not only in the economy but also in politics, social life, spiritual and moral society mood. I see this as the main mission for the national and global media in the 21st century.


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Dear Forum members! Our region of Central Asia just as the whole world is entering a period of change. In this context the problem of regional security, particularly in the global dimension of the next decade is very relevant. I have to say that I will not accept the catastrophic theories that we read and hear all around. I do not think that the countdown timer is already on and brings it to a kind of "rush hour" by 2014 when Afghanistan will end in the active phase of the operation of international coalition forces", said the President.


According to N.Nazarbayev, the external perception of the Central Asian region has a strong inertia of the past caused by the unresolved archaic stereotypes of thinking peculiar to some circles of media, analysts, and often politicians. They do not see or do not want to see the changed realities of the region.


President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Kazakhstan has the moral right to be the leader of the anti-nuclear movement.


"The importance of Central Asia as one of the most active subjects of global policy increases. Kazakhstan, as you know, was the site of negotiations on one of the most complex problems of the modern world. Almaty has held two rounds of talks in the format of "five plus one", which is to seek solutions to the situation around the Iranian nuclear program. Kazakhstan, who voluntarily gave up the fourth largest nuclear arsenal and shut the world's largest nuclear test site, has the moral right to be the leader of the anti-nuclear movement and talk about its experience, " said Nursultan Nazarbayev speaking at the Eurasian Media Forum 2013 in Astana.


"A few nuclear bombs do not constitute any guarantee for the security of any state, as the world has thousands of them, and the confidence of the international community, peace for the world make investments, give the benefit to the people. We are constantly talking to our Iranian friends, " added the President.


President of Kazakhstan: «G8» and «G20» do not answer what the new financial and economic architecture of the world will be


 "Big Eight" and "Big Twenty" do not answer what the new financial and economic architecture of the world will be in the future, said President Nursultan Nazarbayev.


"Now it is important to intensify the search for global economic decision-making within the G20. Kazakhstan has been invited to participate in it in September this year to St. Petersburg. We see the main feature of the current phase of global development in the transition of the world in a qualitatively new state. Unfortunately, over the years, neither G8, G20 have not given any answers, what  the new financial and economic architecture of the world will be in the future, where  the politics and economics will go. The answer is still "no", " said the Head of state speaking at the Eurasian Media Forum.


He recalled that last year, the idea of G-Global was formed, because this point should be open to all the states. "My idea is, above all, an invitation of everyone to entire global community dialogue on all issues of world politics. On the Internet today successfully is functioning communication platform called G-Global, which has already been visited by several million users, more than 50 countries are using and contributing their suggestions, " added the President.


Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that as part of the site there is a discussion of his proposed five principles of G-Global in a multi-polar world order: the evolution and the rejection of the revolutionary changes in politics, justice, equality, consensus, global tolerance and trust, a global transparency, and constructive multilateralism.


"On this basis, in the twenty-first century  successful dialogue is possible on any global issue and access to acceptable solutions for all parties. The main idea of G-Global is to offer a positive alternative to the chaotic dynamics of global development paradigms change the world. I am convinced that our unique world is worth living in conditions of constructive multilateralism " said the Head of state.


The President recalled that at the next Astana Economic Forum to be held a month later, in May this year, it is planned to discuss the main lines of the Global Crisis of the UN plan. In this regard, President Nursultan Nazarbayev in Astana also invited politicians, businessmen, experts and journalists to continue the discussion and elaboration of proposals, which the world is waiting for.


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