Moldova In Integration Vectors

By Marian Katan

In Moldova, began an active struggle for change integration vector with the EU's customs union .


Ruling alliance , which intends to August next year sign an association agreement and the creation of a free economic zone with the EU , attacking from three sides: from the east - Transnistria, in the south - Gagauz autonomy , in the center - Communist Party , headed by former President Vladimir Voronin . The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Transnistria Nina Shtanski warned Head of EU Delegation in Chisinau Pirkko Tapiola that Tiraspol will not accept proposals from Chisinau , on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict , to solve the problem with the signing of Moldova agreement to establish a free economic zone with the European Union . According to Tiraspol , this zone carries serious risks for Transnistria , and the region is set to a different direction - a pro-Russian , so - to the Customs Union.


A Gagauz autonomy of Moldova intends to hold a referendum on February 2 , which should show right on their own assessment of the Gagauz Moldovan foreign policy and the choice of foreign policy guidelines . It is known that the Gagauz favor Customs Union. While recently on a visit to Turkey, the Moldovan President Timofti complained that some leaders do not support the autonomy of the official policy of rapprochement with the European Union and want to initiate a referendum on accession to the Customs Union of Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan.


The governor ( head ) of Gagauzia has sent a formal request to the President of Turkey Abdullah Gul asking Ankara to announce the official position of the submissions of the press service of the Moldovan Presidency statements about the Turkish leader of Gagauzia and Moldova together with European integration at a meeting with Moldovan President Timofti.


According to the Moldovan presidency , Abdullah Gul said that " all citizens of the Republic of Moldova , including in Gagauzia , benefit from the effects of integration into the European Union " , and added that the country's foreign policy " should be promoted exclusively by central government authorities. Official Chisinau question the right of Gagauzia to participate in the formation of domestic and foreign policy of Moldova in matters relating to the interests of Gagauzia.


As for the Communists , whose party program is marked as time European development vector , its leaders today in favor of a return stroke. Former President Vladimir Voronin convinces the electorate that the country will deploy again to the East, if he wins the election. Political analysts believe that Moscow has been working on this term. Earlier Moldovans could enter without a visa in Russia , three months to go and immediately enter back. On January 1, they will be able to return to Russia only after three months. This means that many will lose their jobs and the election will vote against the current government.


Moldovans migrants who return home from Russia could explode parliamentary elections in 2014 godu.U Moscow has two major lever to control political movements Chisinau. The first arm - Transnistria , the second - the migration from Russia. While Moscow has not used any of these tools. Compulsory work permit , pay taxes , legalization of migrants from the Republic of Moldova will create enormous resentment . Their anger is directed against the pro-European Chisinau EU West. It carries a huge explosive potential in the long term elections in 2014.


Realizing the situation , Moldovan Prime Minister Leanca decided to relieve tension , opposing statements by President Traian Basescu about the imminent unification with Moldova that excite not only Transnistria and Gagauzia , but most of those who want to save the Moldovan statehood And this is also Communist voters . Leanca said that his statements Basescu " gives us more problems." Adviser to the President on that Romania Iulian Cephas recommend the head of government of the neighboring country quiet. Meanwhile, the scandal in the Romanian family , which considers itself all Moldovan elite, on the left hand Moldovan , who hope to return to power , including through Moscow. But as they say Moldovan experts in this case Voronin or change his mind again and remain committed to the EU , or he will have to sign the famous " Kozak memorandum ", which he refused to sign in 2003. Then Vladimir Putin has canceled his visit to Chisinau.


Recall , the memorandum suggested federal union of Moldova and Transnistria and preservation Russian military presence in the region for 20 years.


The EU has already allocated Moldova first tranche of EUR 15 million out of a total of 60 million euros for the continuation of judicial reform. Providing a first tranche means that Moldova has fulfilled its obligations in the context of relations with the EU . Currently Chisinau making efforts to fulfill the conditions for the second tranche.


Head of the EU Delegation in Moldova Pirkko Tapiola said that the political will to maintain the EU encourages Chisinau Moldova. According to him , the other three installments will be allocated in 2016 . Their size will vary depending on the extent to which Moldova will meet its obligations . Tapiola also said that in 2014 the EU will initiate a number of projects of technical assistance Moldovan judicial system.