The exceptional example of cooperation

By Robert Norton

The FBI confirmed the involvement of Rakhat Aliyev to the killing of a well known Kazakh politician Sarsenbayev.


As said at the briefing Ambassador John Ordway , Chargé d' Affaires of the Republic of Kazakhstan , he came to signify the completion of a long and thorough investigation , which began February 11, 2006 with a ruthless murder Sarsenbayev , Baurzhan Baibosyn and Vasily Zhuravlev.


- I also wanted to mention the exceptional cooperation between law enforcement authorities of Kazakhstan and the United States . Throughout the new U.S. FBI investigation had great access to all documents related to the case . This included not only easy access to an independent study of the evidence and documents , but also the opportunity to witness a polygraph test by the American side , regardless of the Kazakh authorities , - the diplomat said.


According to him, the steps taken by the FBI to help investigate , led to results in agreement with the conclusions made by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


It is time for a civilized community has become vitally important to review some of their approaches to advocacy. More than once , not twice , principled and proud Europeans managed to embarrass taking under its protection of criminals and crooks who allegedly persecuted for political reasons.


Many EU governments willingly accepted for the truth of such fugitives stories about their uncompromising struggle for civil rights , they say , that they are the main opposition to the authoritarian regimes of their countries. Probably the thing that Europe still has not departed from the stereotypes of "cold war" and hears what he wants to hear. 


Hence candid punctures when it turns out that under the protection of criminals are dressing . But most importantly, the time to understand , think again , to be able to reconsider their position and learn from it . It is important to still gather the courage to admit , but we were wrong.


Such examples , when it's time to admit their errors we have . One of them concerns the Rakhat Aliyev , also known under the name Shoraz inhabiting now in Malta. At one time around this odious figure was broken a lot of copies in legal disputes . Kazakhstan , where he was born and insisted on extradition , presenting such a wide list of charges , which inadvertently crept doubt , do it all made by one person ?


Certainly not one. He headed the criminal group , having no past positions of power. It was like the mafia . Among the charges imposed Shoraz and his accomplices - raider attacks ( during one of them had been killed two bankers ) , is charged with the attempted coup , financial fraud. Shoraz managed footprints even in Europe , recently around the scandal associated with money laundering.


And yet a certain part of the community had any doubts that this is really the culprit. Some people still believe that the criminal proceedings instituted against Aliyev-Shoraza politically motivated.

Recently been published shocking results FBI investigation into the murder of one of the opposition politicians Kazakhstan Sarsenbayev and his two assistants Vasily Zhuravlev and Baurzhan Baibosyn.


Recall the events of the distant 2006, when in the beginning of February there was a loud kidnapping and murder.


During the investigation it was established that the murder was committed by Rustam Ibragimov and a group of others. As the customer was named Yerzhan Utembayev , who was at that time the position of Chief of Staff of the Senate . This point , incidentally, caused great surprise , because it was said that the motive for the killings were "strong hostile relations."


In fact, everything was different. Y.Utembayev really instructed Rustam Ibragimov Sarsenbayeva steal , but not to kill and scare to beat him.


This was a previously unknown fact R.Ibrahimov last year reported to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the statement.


In this statement , he first confessed to committing the crime , describing in detail all the circumstances , and said that the true ordering the murder Sarsenbayev was not Yerzhan Utembayev and Rakhat Aliyev with Alnur Musayev.


On behalf of the Supreme Court of the accuracy of her testimony was further verified by a specially created investigative team with the direct participation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation United States.


Thus, it was found that in 2006 Rustam Ibragimov after the polygraph research and interviews with FBI agents told them the United States , that the true customer of murder is Rakhat Aliyev.


While Ibragimov refused to give official testimony of law enforcement and asked not to disclose this information due to security threats to his family.


At present, the interaction in the investigation statements Rustam Ibragimov U.S. FBI confirmed this information with the provision of the relevant documents.


During the new investigation Ibragimov testified that Rakhat Aliyev learn about the order to beat Sarsenbayeva , decided to take advantage of the situation and kill the opposition.


Pros Ibragimova found their full confirmation collected during the investigation of objective evidence.


In August 2013 the corresponding values Rustam Ibragimov and several key witnesses were checked for accuracy and confirmed by external experts - U.S. FBI polygraph.


Now against Aliyev- Musayev be prosecuted and conducted a preliminary investigation involving members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation United States.


Now is the time to think in Europe for those who protecting the accused in the killings Shoraz. It is also time to draw conclusions and take the time to take under the protection of everyone. Otherwise, you can undermine confidence in the fairness and impartiality - the cornerstone of a democratic community.