Uzbek universities to train anti-terrorist fighters

Uzbekistan's universities will start to train specialists in the fight against terrorism since September 2013, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan Rustam Kosimov said.


New courses will be opened in the military schools, particularly in the academy of senior officers of the armed forces.


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“The training will be conducted for a variety of professions: profiling of terrorist groups and the analysis of their behavior, training for counter-terrorism operations, hostage rescue, negotiating with terrorists, work with the public, and others,” Kosimov noticed.


The relevant departments will be set up in existing university departments. Officers of the security services and law enforcement agencies will become the instructors.


According to local experts, Uzbekistan may face increase of terrorist activity due to the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. Thus, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a group created by Islamists in the mid-1990s, remains in the country. Its activities are aimed at the violent overthrow of secular governments of the republics of Central Asia and their transformation into Islamic states. The movement is recognized terroristic in a number of countries, including Russia.