Energy security

The energy revolution 'Made in America

An American dream would come true: studies show the US could become independent from energy imports by 2030. This forecast has lit a gold rush fever in the energy sector and sparked a geopolitical debate. READ MORE

Gazprom Faces Arbitration With Edison After Ruling on RWE Price


By Anna Shiryaevskaya and Tara Patel

OAO Gazprom (GAZP), the Russian gas exporter forced to revise contracts with RWE AG (RWE) last month, is set for further legal wrangles after Electricite de France SA’s Italian unit initiated arbitration proceedings. READ MORE

Iranian president vows to resolve nuclear issue


Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani has stated his determination to resolve the nuclear dispute. Tehran's nuclear program is a source of contention because the West fears Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. READ MORE

A Dollar for GTS

By Mikhail Agadzanyan

Purchasing of gas transporting system of Kyrgyzstan by Gazprom was hardly noticed on the background of other events in the world with participation of Russia. Meanwhile, the agreement of Russia gas corporation with Kyrgyz partners is out of the frames of exclusively economic transaction. READ MORE

Azeri-Iranian relations: A sibling rivalry in the global family


Despite visa free travel for Azeri citizens and dynamic trade, long mutual borders and some shared interests, Iran and Azerbaijan do not seem to be able to get along. Good Azeri-Israeli relations, political and criminal intrigue, Azerbaijan’s cooperation with the West, and the fact that Azerbaijan, due to its Soviet legacy is more secular than the Islamic Republic of Iran are often cited as the roots of the two countries issues with each other. But perhaps the true root of trouble lies in geography; whether it be physical, cultural or political which has allowed for these other problems to ferment. READ MORE

Former President Valdas Adamkus on Lithuania's nuclear energy policy: "It's a pathetic case"

Former Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus says that the majority of people in Lithuania do not understand Social Democratic Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius government's plans on the new nuclear power plant. According to Adamkus, the government itself doesn't know what it wants. READ MORE

Russian President’s visit to Tehran: Supply and demand

By Elmira Tariverdiyeva

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to take a Caspian tour in mid-August. Tehran officially confirmed the Russian president's visit to Iran, but it is possible that Putin will visit more than one Caspian littoral country. READ MORE

Staying Afloat in Each Port of Caspian Region


By Mikhail Agadzhanyan

The Caspian tour of Putin, planned in the middle of August, is about regional subject-matter READ MORE

EU and China reach deal in solar panel dispute

The European Commission says it has reached "an amicable solution" with Beijing in a row over imports of Chinese solar panels. READ MORE

Plans to build a gas pipeline from Israeli to Turkey

The June decision by the Israeli Cabinet to send to foreign markets 40% of the gas from the fields further narrowed the field of maneuver for "Gazprom" READ MORE