Energy security

Putin warns of new gas dispute with Ukraine

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Friday called on the international community to help Ukraine finance its gas bill so as to avoid a fresh gas war. Ukraine is due to pay its bill for Russian gas intended for domestic consumption and stocking in underground reservoirs on June 7, Putin said in a statement posted on his website. READ MORE

The Nabucco Carrot and U.S.-Iran Engagement

By Joshua Kucera

For years, analysts have argued that the Nabucco natural gas pipeline -- a U.S.-backed effort to transport gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe via Turkey, thus bypassing Russia -- needed to accept gas from Iran if it was to be economically viable. But Iranian involvement in the project, which is intended to reduce European energy dependence on Russian gas exports, has been anathema for U.S. policymakers: Washington's efforts to thwart Iran's ambitions have so far overridden its desire to thwart Russia's. READ MORE

Energy Security Within Baltic Context

Lithuanian Mass Media Review.  READ MORE

"European breakthrough": Gas Turkmenistan Activates Dialogue With Brussels

Turkmen President Gurbangulu Berdymuhammadov made an official tour to Europe, including Belgium, Germany and Austria over 6 months ago. The president commissioned Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov to hold direct talks with the European Union next two months, official sources said. READ MORE

EU-Russia summit reveals differences rather than agreement

EU and Russian leaders failed to mend the rifts at their summit in the Siberian town of Khabarovsk. Moscow criticised the EU's new eastern partnership while Brussels urged for a more reliable energy supply.

At the press conference on the last day of talks, both sides were eager to stress the good relations and the positive atmosphere of the summit. READ MORE

Russia says 'no' to Energy Charter, urges new agreement

Russia reaffirmed on Friday it will not ratify the existing Energy Charter and called for a new energy agreement to ensure future global energy security.

Energy security was among the key issues on the agenda of a Russia-EU summit in the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk on 22 May. READ MORE

Zagorski: Tough task ahead for EU-Russia talks

Energy, trade, investment and security will be at the heart of EU-Russia partnership negotiations, Andrei V. Zagorski told EurActiv Slovakia in an interview. The Russian expert predicts that negotiations will be difficult as the EU-Russia relationship is "not going through the best time". But the Russian academic is hopeful that agreement can be struck, citing substantial "mutual interests". READ MORE

Political Situation in Turkey and Economic Power of Russia Can Negatively Affect Nabucco Project Accomplishment

In spite of all commercial troubles Nabucco gas pipeline can be accomplished due to political reasons rooted within the demand of Europe to assure its energy security. This is a consideration of the analysts of British Consulting Association CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates). READ MORE

Foreign Ministers Of The Baltic States And Germany Discussed Important Issues Of The Eu And Regional Cooperation

On 15 May in Palanga, Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vygaudas Ušackas took part in the 11th annual Foreign Ministers meeting of the Baltic States and Germany. READ MORE

Russia, Turkey premiers to talk trade, energy in Sochi

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will discuss with his Turkish counterpart economic and regional issues, European security and the Nagorny-Karabakh dispute at a meeting in Sochi, a government source said on Saturday. READ MORE