Energy security

Putin Warns Europe Over Ukrainian Gas Plan

Russia’s Prime Minister said he’s unhappy his country was not consulted on a European Union decision to help Ukrainian modernize its gas supply network. Putin warned that the slight could jeopardize Russian-EU relations. READ MORE

Baltic States in the Epoch of Nuclear Romanticism

The Government of Estonia has approved the programs of energy and electric economies, according to which Estonia plans to build nuclear power plant by 2023. The General Director of the National Foundation for Energy Security Konstantin Simonov commented on the situation. READ MORE

Azerbaijan's pipe dream for Europe

By Tom Esslemont

On the outskirts of Azerbaijan's BP Shah Deniz gas terminal, security guards are on duty around the clock. They patrol the 15km (9 mile) fence as a damp drizzle falls across the warren of gas pipes and oil platforms behind it. Green and yellow flags flap violently in the wind. READ MORE

Chancellor Merkel Says Nein to Nabucco

By Vladimir Socor

Shifting gears from an ostensible equidistance between pipeline projects, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out against proposals to use European Union funds to kick-start the Nabucco pipeline project for bringing Caspian gas to Europe. READ MORE

EU Energy and Climate Policy

Andris Piebalgs , Energy Commissioner

Speech at the 7th Doha Natural Gas Conference
Doha, 11 March 2009 READ MORE

Siemens Plans Nuclear Cooperation with Russia

Germany may be phasing out its nuclear power stations, but German group Siemens plans to cooperate with Russia's Rosatom to tap into the growing global market to build new nuclear plants. A deal could be signed in the coming months.

German industrial group Siemens is preparing to sign a nuclear cooperation deal with Russia to tap a growing global market for building nuclear power plants, German business daily Handelsblatt reported. READ MORE

Caspian Sea yet to see new discoveries

Interview with: Campbell Keir, Shell’s Country Chairman in Kazakhstan.


Royal Dutch Shell has been one of the first foreign investors, which started its activities in Kazakhstan. Cooperation of one of the largest international oil company with oil-rich republic of the former Soviet Union has started in 1992. Campbell Keir, Shell’s Country Chairman in Kazakhstan, in an exclusive interview with New Europe correspondent in Astana Kulpash Konyrova discussed Shell’s involvement in the Caspian region, the Kashagan field, and a controversial tax law launched in Kazakhstan. READ MORE

Will the Atomic Multi-Vector Course of Ukraine Influence the International Uranium Enrichment Centre?

Yana Zausaeva

After much thought Ukraine has finally decided to join the International Uranium Enrichment Centre (IUEC), established in 2007 by Russia and Kazakhstan on the basis of the Angarsk Electrolytic Chemical Combine in Irkutsk region. On February 9th Vladimir Putin authorized Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exchange notes between Governments of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the participation of Ukraine within the IUEC. For Russia this is a start of an important project that promotes its regional and international significance within energy sphere, as the IUEC should assure dual objective: to strengthen the regime of nuclear weapon nonproliferation and to guarantee the availability of the “peaceful” nuclear fuel cycle to the consuming countries. The success of this project mainly depends on the ability of its participants to combine their interest in harmony and proportion. READ MORE

Norway: Providing Energy Security for Europe

By Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Riis-Johansen

Norway will contribute to providing energy security for Europe also in the future. However, we cannot escape the fact that currently there are challenges tied to this statement. This is not least due to the low oil price, high cost levels and the need for technical innovations in the context of a decline scenario.

2008 is the year when oil prices spiked then collapsed, and the world went into recession. What awaits us in 2009? Today, I will say it is a very unpredictable year. But this can to some extent be compensated through careful planning and actions from governments and industry – both separately and combined. READ MORE

«Nabucco»: Struggle Escalates

Energy issues are one of the main subjects of the discussion within plenary session of the European Parliament set on February 2nd in Strasburg. Parliament members focused on general problems of the EU energy policy and the outcomes of gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Speaking to the session, EC Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs stated: “The agreement between Ukraine and Russia was concluded for 10 years and we can expect that it would guarantee prevention of the kind of situations in future. But still I’d like to underline that EU observers remain on the positions to monitor gas supplies”. READ MORE