Countries of Central Asia: What Are the Prospects?

By Dmitry Pertsev

According to the World Bank report, practically all developing countries are suffering from the economic crisis to greater or lesser extent. 84 of 116 developing countries are going over significant retardation of business activity. In 2009 international GDP reduced sufficiently for the first time since the Second World War. READ MORE

European Vector of Tajikistan Foreign Policy

Considering promotion of its authority, role and influence the European Union intensifies the establishment of mutually beneficial relations with all subjects of international law. The Community leads active foreign policy within all world regions. The European Union devotes special attention to Central Asian region that is supported by the New Partnership Strategy between the EU and Central Asia adopted in June 2007. READ MORE

EU signals end of ‘free lunches’ on climate finance

EU signals end of ‘free lunches’ on climate finance.

China and India must play their full part in fighting climate change and accept that programmes financed by the West to modernise their industries will only come in return for making genuine efforts at home. READ MORE

Uzbeks Fail to Win Over Foreign Investors

Continuing state interference and an unfriendly business climate continue to deter potential investors, NBCentral Asia commentators say.

In late January, the state property committee announced a tender to sell shares in two hotels in the capital Tashkent, the Grand Mir and the Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent, valued at 7.8 and 11.3 million US dollars, respectively. READ MORE

Astana Chess

Serik Maleev

“Yegemen Kazakhstan” newspaper writes in its front page article “Collective Security Treaty Proved Its Viability”: “Four issues were reviewed during an extended Session of the Leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization member-states in Moscow last week. The first issue referred to the establishment of Collective Rapid Reaction Force …” READ MORE

Glance at Europe


Just recently many European mass media presented Kazakh program “The way to Europe”, developed in accordance with the Letter of Kazakhstan President “Improvement of the well-being of Kazakhstan people – is the main objective of the state policy”. In respect with the Concept of the Republic of Kazakhstan foreign policy, the development of comprehensive cooperation with European countries is a strategic interest of Kazakhstan. We intend to integrate into the process of European cooperation and development, to use to the maximum the potential of technologic, energy, trade and transport cooperation. READ MORE

Ambassador Pierre Morel, EU Special Representative for Central Asia

Exclusive Interview.

How does the dialogue between the EU and Central Asia progress on environment and water issues? Is the EU happy with the progress of the process so far, what has been achieved, what else needs to be done, are all Central Asian countries equally cooperative?

Diplomatic Negligence of Moscow

Ivan Preobrazhenskij

Latest achievements of Russian within Central Asia are so significant, that should be widely discussed. This has been the greatest absurdity of Russian diplomacy since its assistance to American colleagues to change the political regime in Georgia, leading Mihail Saakashvili. Just in a month Russia lost its positions in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan that had been gained in recent years due to support, including financial support of these regimes. Instead, Moscow has gained ephemeral victory in Kirgizia in the issue of American military base withdrawal. Thus total Russian influence will remain only in the poorest Central Asian Republic, despite the Kremlin had other plans. Of course, there is Kazakhstan left and the relations in this sphere are firm – but this is not a merit of Russian policymakers, but of the president Nursultan Nazarbaev, who has developed and followed strict international policy course. READ MORE

Religious Repression and Antiwesternism in Kyrgyzstan

Askarbek Mambetaliev

Recent legislation to tackle religious extremism in Kyrgystan is a pretext for targetting Evangelicals and religious minorities. State propaganda has created popular hostility towards non-Muslims. Tackling this situation requires inclusive rhetoric from local leaders and the curbing of anti-westernism. READ MORE

Turkmenistan: Parliament Gets Enhanced Authority

Legal amendments bolstering the power of the Turkmen parliament went into effect January 13 after being published in the government-run newspaper, Neutralny Turkmenistan. READ MORE