By Gregori Sordi

The news of the arrest in France fugitive banker Mukhtar Ablyazov swindler who is wanted under an international warrant on request of several European countries and the CIS states, prompting some interest has already overgrown with rumors and speculation. One of the main issues of the topic is, which country will be extradited by French authorities in custody M.Ablyazov?


The situation with the fugitive banker fraud to date is unlikely to add optimism to the political leadership and the justice of the Fifth Republic, as for Ablyazov stretches a long train of criminal offenses.


Fruitless attempts to present "a fugitive banker fraudster victim of political repression so far only lead to the opposite effect. Attempts to organize a public campaign to protect Ablyazov fails. This is evidenced unveiled its list of public defenders. It featured a little-known people obviously want to attract the attention of a hot topic and make cheap political capital. Close friends oligarch among them.


Meanwhile, according to some observers, in connection with the detention of the official Paris Ablyazova can get into a stalemate. On the one hand, following the letter of the law, France is obliged to obtain materials incriminating fugitive banker in criminal activities (we are talking about billions of dollars of embezzlement in BTA Bank) to transfer the detainee to the requester. And if in this case we can not talk about Kazakhstan, for objective reasons, not having the appropriate arrangements with France, the issue of Ablyazov Russia or Ukraine, law enforcement and judicial authorities, which also have their questions to him, would not contradict the norms international law. But there is another side to this problem. As is known, in 2011, Britain granted Ablyazov political asylum. Subsequently, to understand who is mr. Ablyazov in fact, the UK High Court was seized of the property and assets of Ablyazov of 3.7 billion U.S. dollars, and the banker fraudster sentenced to 22 months in prison for attempting to evade investigation and trial. He ran as an international conman in early 2012, with forged documents across the border to France, where he was detained.


But it is a scandalous affair has caused more and the government crisis in Italy, where they had been deported to his wife and daughter tycoon. Now, there are problems and France. The question is whether France should put themselves in an awkward position in the eyes of the international community because of the machinations, even the rich, but in fact common criminals hiding behind political motives? Should the French taxpayers pay out of their pockets his incarceration, and the authorities feel the pressure from the public defenders fictitious tycoon? More and more there is a suspicion of paid public relations in order to escape retribution.