Europe's East

Containing Russia

Ivan Krastev, the Chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia

The post-Cold War order in Europe is finished, with Vladimir Putin its executioner.  Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty of Conventional Forces, its deliberate efforts to block the election monitoring of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the Kremlin’s refusal to ratify the reform of the European Court on Human Rights (Protocol No 14 to the European Convention on Human Rights), all marked its passing. READ MORE

Moldova In Integration Vectors


By Marian Katan

In Moldova, began an active struggle for change integration vector with the EU's customs union . READ MORE

“Hungary persecutes those who fight against corruption”

By Gábor Tanács

Billions of euros-worth of tax is lost in Hungary each year because of VAT fraud. The tax authority suggests the issue is innate to the European tax system, and cannot be stopped. READ MORE

EU Document: Ukraine Could Have Received Large Aid Package Had It Agreed to Deals

By Laurence Norman

Loans, Grants Upward of €19 Billion Would Have Been Available Had Kiev Signed On to EU, IMF Pacts READ MORE

The Eastern Partnership: the Summit is Over. What‘s Next?


By Vadim Volovoj, expert of the Centre for Geopolitical Studies, Doctor in Political Sciences

Recently one could hear quite many statements that European Union Eastern partnership (EP) Programme is ineffective and has no future. Yet Ukraine‘s approach toward the Association Agreement demonstrated that the EP initiative has proved successful. READ MORE

A new Cold War in the Arctic?


The Arctic is heating up, both climatically and militarily. But experts differ in their views on whether the region, with its vast shipping opportunities and energy resources, could become the site of the next Cold War. READ MORE

Turkey, EU sign readmission agreement

By Rufiz Hafizoglu

A readmission agreement was signed between the EU and Turkey on Dec.16, TRT TV channel reported. READ MORE

Russian Party Proposes ‘List of Shame’ Corruption Register

A lawmaker in Russia has proposed a draft bill to parliament to create an open list of people convicted on corruption charges in an attempt to change widespread tolerance of the problem in the graft-ridden nation. READ MORE