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Burjanadze may become opposition leader?

Will Nino Burjanadze leave big politics? Can the former opposition leader and one of the most influential Georgian politicians compete with the national hero Bidzina Ivanishvili? Has Burjanadze lost her credibility in the eyes of the public and will she run for the post of the head of the country? The closer the presidential election, the more urgent these issues are. READ MORE

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius in Warsaw: Lithuania and Poland will seek EU support for gas link


Lithuania and Poland will join forces and turn to the European Commission (EC) to ask for the European Union's (EU) financial support to the projected gas pipeline, Lithuania's Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius has said after meeting with his Polish counterpart. READ MORE

Nuclear triangle in the Baltic Region and energy alternatives


At the end of the last year the Centre for Geopolitical Studies organised an international conference „Nuclear Energy Triangle: Regional and Global Challenges of Nuclear Power“. The focus during the conference was given to the Lithuanian, Russian and Belarusian NPP projects, their economic feasibility and geopolitical implications.   READ MORE

Lithuania's ties with Poland getting back on track, says foreign minister after apologizing for MPs voting down name-spelling law

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius said during a visit in Poland that bilateral dialogue between the two neighboring states was getting "back on track." READ MORE

Something About CU

By Mark Rubin

Many countries consider the Customs Union (CU) of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus as a "plum", the place where you can deliver the goods as well as export raw materials from it. Taking into account the new tariff rates of this "triple" the last option is much more profitable. Integration association that was set up in record short time, learns the lessons of the EU, and therefore, following the beaten track, is developing a tremendous success. READ MORE

Serbia's Dacic Fesses Up To Meeting Suspected Narco Clan

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic is under fire after acknowledging that he met with a reputed member of a narco clan thought to be led by Serbia's most-wanted fugitive.  READ MORE

The EU doesn’t give ‘certificates’

By Raphael Vassallo

The EU does not give ‘certificates’ of economic health. On the contrary, it merely accepts whatever figures are thrown at it by member States, at face value and without question. READ MORE

Speech by Foreign Minister Westerwelle at the 49th Munich Security Conference


Mr Vice President,

Distinguished guests,

Dear colleagues,

Ladies and gentlemen, READ MORE

Baptism by Fire of Francois Hollande

By Anton Ramov

The year of 2013 has started with an acute escalation of the situation in Mali. After a military coup in March 2012 the North of the country was captured by Toureg-separatists from the National Liberation Movement of Azawad (NLMA). Having used disorganization and weakness of governmental troops, the rebels proclaimed an independent state of Azawad along the territory, comparable in sizes with France. Already in summer 2012 contradictions between moderate separatists and radical Islamists among rebelled Toureg escalated. As a result the power was transferred to the Islamists from the groupings of  Ansar al-Din (“Faith defenders”) and Al-Qaeda of Islamic Magrheb. READ MORE

Russia denies bullying Ukraine into its customs union

Moscow, which recently slammed Kyiv with a huge gas bill, said Monday (4 February) that an arrangement could be found. A Russian diplomat explained that the deal would not necessarily require Ukraine to join Moscow's proposed Customs Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan.  READ MORE