Turkey and Armenia agree on roadmap to normalize relations

Ankara says the two sides will work towards peace, security and stability. Tensions between the countries are rooted in Ottoman-era massacres of Armenians by Turks which Yerevan says were genocide. READ MORE

Russia in Poor Position To Be an IMF Donor

By Alexei Bayer

At the Group of 20 summit, U.S. President Barack Obama not only charmed other world leaders but also secured a commitment of new money for the International Monetary Fund. READ MORE

State of the Nation Address by H. E. Mr. Valdas Adamkus, President of the Republic of Lithuania

This is my last state of the nation address to the people of Lithuania and members of parliament. Next year it will be delivered, as prescribed by the Constitution, by a new head of state in accord with own personal values, principles and viewpoint to Lithuania's present and future life. On many occasions, I have shared with the people of Lithuania my thoughts about the challenges that we face and ways of overcoming them. READ MORE

Romania offers citizenship to Moldovans

The latest development since Moldova's elections earlier this month saw Romanian President Traian Basescu  order the simplification of procedures for granting citizenship to ethnic Romanians living in Moldova, saying a million requests were waiting in his country's embassy in Chisinau. READ MORE

Soros positive on the euro

Billionaire investor George Soros gave high marks to the euro on Monday and speculated the U.S. dollar may eventually be replaced as world reserve currency while U.S. stocks lost ground on failure of the merger between Sun Microsystems and IBM Corp. READ MORE

Obama european benefis

By Albert Dunn

 United States and its main European allies broadly share a common view of the problems facing the world – from Afghanistan and nuclear disarmament to the economic crisis.

Superficially the first appearance of the new American president among the world political beau monde was more than impressive: participation in three actions at the highest level at once plus five hundred of accompanying persons. Much more important, however, how efficient this opening to him Europe as well as his opening to Europe turned out to be.  READ MORE

Moldova eyewitness: Troublemakers marred protests

Those who went on the rampage in the centre of the capital of Moldova yesterday (7 April) were troublemakers, Julien Danero, a Belgian researcher at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), told EurActiv in a telephone interview from Chisinau.

Belgian researcher Julien Danero is in Chisinau for political research commissioned by the think-tank 'Centre d’études de la vie politique'. READ MORE

Obama Urges Full Turkish-Armenian Relations

Mr. Obama has hailed the steps taken by Turkish and Armenian leaders to resolve their differences as "historic and courageous."

The Second Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

 The second Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations will be held on 6-7 April 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey. READ MORE

Obama Seeks Renewed Trans-Atlantic Ties

By David McKeeby

The United States is taking a new approach to a host of emerging global challenges, but friends and allies such as Europe must shoulder their share of the burden, says President Obama, making the case for renewed trans-Atlantic ties. READ MORE